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ducati Vs Triumph

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nostress, May 20, 2007.

  1. decided its time to up grade the Honda VF 1000R, replacment would need to be second hand and I have two bikes in mind, Ducati ST2 or else a Triumph Sprint ST... the ones I have been looking at seem to me in much of the same condition and of equal Kms and price..... any one want to offer an opion ???

  2. They are bikes with very diferent riding positions and feel...
    I'd be sugesting you get out on each and work out which feels right for you.
  3. What year ST2 and Sprint ST.
    The bikes are very similar in riding position but the motors are totally different in the way they produce power and also how much they have.
    Both are very good sports tourers with the Sprint probably the quicker bike in reality.
    The ST2 is a bike not overly endowed with horsepower, however what it does have it uses very well.
    Also depends on what options the bikes have as well.
  4. Mr Scumbag sir, does the revised service pricing for Ducatis apply to older models like the ST2?
    Obviously the increased service intervals would not, but I had thought the specified hours per job, and hourly rate had been might have have been looked at?
  5. Avoid the 99 model 955 in the Triumph Sprint ST.

    Generally speaking the later the better.
  6. Unfortunately not, the cost for servicing the pre 07 bikes is still 30% higher than the japanese equivelant although the service intervals are 30% longer.
    The 07 bikes are configured differently as to the layout of accessable areas and wiring.
    This is not to say the bikes are that much easier to work on or anything just they have changed certain intervals and procedures.
  7. That's what I thought. Need to buy the new product to get the benefit, eh? Makes sense.
    Agree with ZRX1200R about the Sprint - better a later model, even if it's got more Ks on it.
  8. thanks for all the ideas and feed back.. I spent most of today checking out the bikes shop and trying a few out and have decided to go with the Triumph.. what ever I get will be a fairly late model with low Ks..