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Ducati/Thunder Rally - Nundle NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. This was my first trip on my KLR after selling the Caponord, so really looking forward to how it went both on the highway and also off-road.

    Met some fellow Advriders at Windsor, left at 8.00am and along the infamous Putty Road, no traffic and had the road to ourselves to the halfway house and then a couple of cars to Muswellbrook.

    From here we turned towards Gundy, then Timor and 60kms of dirt to Nundle.

    Most of it open farming plains with both big and tight corners but also a climb up the mountain so plenty of turns. I started to get into the groove of the bike on dirt and cruising along at over 100kmh was heaps of fun.

    At the Rally and plenty of interesting bikes to check out including many adventure bikes and of course they all managed to find some dirt on their way to the Rally.

    And of course Ducatis and plenty of cool retro ones.


    Great night with entertainment by Pat Drummond, he’s been playing popular covers for thirty years, so bought back plenty of memories.

    Ripper of a hangover so thanks the Lions Club for their bacon and egg sanga and a couple of Beroccas and starting to feel OK.

    Met two guys to ride back with, they had a WR250 and CR400 and were going back the harder way, via Barry which included 20 kms of rutted 4WD track and a steep descent had me $hitting myself, all I seemed to be doing was locking the wheels and having a deaf grip on the handlebars and inches separating me from a drop down the side of a mountain.

    Glad when I ffinally got down the bottom and the guys commented that they thought of me on my "pig" coming down that hill - all fin for them on their enduro bikes with knobbies, plus they have been on this track a few times.

    Then we had some fun crosing about fifteen creek crossings

    And coming down again, I overcooked a corner and managed to get on the grass runoff, and then started literally rockhopping, so my KLR hit the deck. Easily up and back into it.


    More open farm trails and hundreds of cows grazing by the roadside and good high speed gravel.

    Then start climbing Barrington Tops – a potholed filled road with plenty of tight, off camber corners to keep it all interesting :shock:

    More open farm lands just before Ellerston - the Packer property that is just HUGE


    Finally back on the tar after 170kms, and my longest run on dirt – it’s gotta be the most fun you can have with your pants on :p

    Click on slideshow, and check out the photos of the ride, retro Ducatis and other adv bikes http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v686/dwg99/Ducati Rally Nundle Oct 06/

    What a great weekend - the KLR kicked butt, cruised on 130kmh no issues, and the dirt was awesome fun :cool:
  2. Great pics there Alex, it looks like everyone had a good time :grin:
  3. I challenge anyone to get more fun out of their biking than you do Alex!!!!
  4. Thanks Duncan

    Just in case you haven't noticed - you have a pretty big smile on your face when you are out riding as well :grin:

    How did the big trip north go??

    Where's the report and pics?

    And to Haggis - great time had by all.

    Fantastic fun camping on a bike - feel like I'm 19 years old :p