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ducati termi's question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bluebear69, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. im planing to get a ducati
    weather i wait abit longer for new version im not sure
    but doin some research

    with ducati full termi 70mm exhaust is that full titanium?
    or just stainless steel
    i seen akra
    dont like there cans but love the mid pipes being full titanium
    weather i go for full or not will also depends
    can also buy mid pipes after slip ons

    btw i notice people have problems with termi's on other sites
    about quality build
    anyone here have issues in the past?

  2. This question may be better suited to a Ducati-specific forum mate. You will have more experienced individuals....
  3. I'd be asking a Ducati dealer. They will have all the specs on all the Termi options for the specific bike you're looking at.
  4. Go to http://www.ducati.com/accessories/index.do and pick what you want to search for.

    The accessory descriptions on the Ducati international web site just about always tell you exactly what they are made of. In this case, they start by saying:

    "Complete manifold system 1198
    Stainless steel 2-1-2 (Ø max 70 mm). Complete kit with intake manifolds, control unit with dedicated mapping, and high-performance air filter. Devised to be combined with the set of carbon racing silencers, it can also be used together with titanium type-approved silencers, ensuring a substantial increase of engine performance."

    If you buy the "Complete manifold system 1198" and the "Certified titanium silencer kit 1198", you get Stainless Steel manifolds and titanium mufflers. Sweet. Of course, you can only use those manifolds on a race track, and both items include an ECU and air filter, so you need to buy them together so you don't double up. A dealer can sort it for you.

    I always use the international web site when searching for Ducati accessories. It works better than the Australian site, and is more up to date.

    BTW, rich are you?
  5. ask over at ducati.org may help