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NSW Ducati, Termignoni and RWC

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by supersi, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Just bought my first bike after many years away. It's a Ducati Monster 400 with Termignoni exhausts - carburetted. It sounds awesome. Will it fail it's RWC which is due next month because of (Db) noise levels. I'm in NSW. I've heard of Ducati's failing with standard systems.

    The guy I've bought it from says there won't be a problem. He seems above board in all other respects and has provided me with a full service and parts history.

    Anyone have any insight or thoughts?

  2. I've noticed that pretty much every Ducati you see, seems to have Termi pipes too. I can't imagine their owners replace them with stock pipes every time there is an RWC??
  3. take it to a ducati place for roadworthy... no WAY will they fault a termi.
  4. Hmm, wonder if an Aprilia place will pass my Silmoto
  5. Can anyone recommend a good place to take it for its RWC? Do Action motorcycles in the City do them? Ideally need City or the East?
  6. sil what?
  7. Hopefully you get the "that wasn't on when you came in, right??" line.
    What trd said, Duc shop, or maybe a pirate mechanic. Or take it to wherever the servicing was done before.
  8. A Ducati dealer may want to see your standard pipes though...
  9. Or sell you new ones.
  10. Doubt it. Termi is pseudo standard on ducs.
  11. Man... do NOT take it to a bike dealer, or an exhaust place. If you are worried about the noise level, find a small mechanic who also does bikes.
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  12. So... How can they make money if you already have one?