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Ducati Tail Chop

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by roysrun, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hi There everyone,

    Just upgrade from a 125 to a 2000 model duc monster 600. light years in difference and I am loving it. I started to do some basic mods (drop the bars, rear tyre guard off) and now to do more. I'am looking to do a tail chop. All the forums I've trolled seem to say it looks great but nothing really on riding ramifications.. does it make a difference to the ride i don't want to disfigure the bike if it affect riding in a negative manner.

    IF anyone has any other suggested mods that would be awesome.

    Any help would be great.

  2. hey mate,

    I've never done a tail chop, but I have heard that riding in the wet the water can fling up and hit you in the back. Also, its illegal. I don't think the water thing would be a big issue (don't even know if its true) but the legality is probably what stops most people.

    On the other hand, it definitely looks cool :)
  3. Been there done that. Real easy job and looks heeeaps better without the beer tray attached.

    Yes, you will need to cut part of the rear subframe. No, the section cut off does not support anything.

    Yes, with a bit on ingenuity you can re-attach it if needed, but I never got a second glance.

    I used this one: http://www.ducatimonstertailchop.com/

  4. I have a m1100 evo, and after 40 yrs of modifying bikes, have left this one alone.
    Apart from the factory mods that is.

    I have the unfortunate habit of attracting the attention of the constabulary, and so have endeavoured to keep this bike as stock looking as possible, even though i long for termis.

    From what i have seen, the appearance is increased dramatically for the better by doing a tail chop.

    But, so is the attention of constables with quotas.
  5. It's illegal?...I don't understand why it would attract attention from the popo....besides the rain coming up on the back that's no big deal itd be raining anyways dirt might be more tedious than anything the look would be heaps worth it....
  6. Can't have the good with the bad I guess what's the fine for a chopped rear guard?