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Ducati Streetfighter 848?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bonzee, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    Finally reached my full licence and looking at the next bike. A few months ago overseas I was riding a Kawasaki Z800 for a month. Ive come to realisation thats the category im interested in...the 800cc naked's.
    I also test rode an 821 Monster overseas and i loved the twin torque...sound etc.
    Which led me to the Streetfighter 848. Im seriously interested in this bike.

    Can anyone shed any light on the SF 848? What changes were made from 2011 to 2015?
    Or even any other NAKED 800cc bikes you would like the recommend??

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I love the streetfighter/naked look so I say GO FOR IT! If it goes as gnarly as it looks.... :p


    If fact I think I want one now!
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  3. Hello mate, are you looking for crouched over almost Sports bike position, or something more relaxed and upright? The 848 is not that comfy, nothing like the Z. But would be s cracking ride. So as usual, boils down to go ride one and see how it feels. Other contenders would be MT-09, GSXS1000, Aprilia Shiver or Tuono, MV Agusta Brutale, the Z1000. I'd ride all of them. Have fun!!
  4. Awesome looking bikes but as chillibuttonchillibutton said uncomfortable for a naked and Ive heard its a pain at slow speed stuff.
    In a shameless plug I reckon you should buy this........[NSW] - 2012 Kawasaki Z1000
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  5. Of course you should! Get one with a steering damper though.
  6. tempocyclisttempocyclist Apparently it does!

    chillibuttonchillibutton Yeah i know exactly what youre talking about. I sat on one idle and could definitely feel the crouch over...not quite like a sports bike but definitely less comfortable than the monster.
    The only other option i was considering was the brutale dragster RR....out of my budget.
    Im dying to ride one but i was hoping to just test ride one at a dealership..unfortunately theres none at the moment.

    icemakericemaker The Z800 was a fun bike, but in all honesty i got a little bored of the 4 cylinder. I own an inline 4 at the moment.

    CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster Agreed!
  7. Howdy

    For me it was a toss up between the SF848 and my Brutale 800rr.

    Few things against the SF

    1. Low speed surging - You need to get the racing ecu / exhaust pipe to get rid of the low rpm niggles or fit a fatduc to fool the exhaust valve

    2. Slightly more aggressive riding position than the MV but very close

    3. Quickshifter (up) was an optional fitment

    4. I did not like the original oem exhausts - it really needs the upgrade

    5. The clutch lever required some effort to pull and activate - could not see myself doing that when filtering through traffic to overcome the low speed fueling/surging

    6. At the time of deciding they had imported the last allocation and the model was running out.

    7. With all the extras fitted the price came to only $500 less than the MV.

    I'm more than glad with my final decision but will always have that burning question in the back of my mind on how it could have been. I really like the look and sound of the SF848. Did a few track days with a mate who has one and it seemed quite capable. To my knowledge not much differences between the 2011 to 2015 models.

    I like the fact that it has a OBDII port and that you can capture stats etc. You are also buying into the Ducati experience - the clubs are quite active and you get plenty of Ducati bling.

    Have fun deciding. I knew 5 minutes into my test ride on a Brutale that it was the bike for me
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  8. You saying the MV didn't need an aftermarket can?:eek:

    The SF848 and 1098 are a couple generations out of date now. I was saying other day on other thread Ducati should have updated the SF based on 959 and 1299 and left the monster as just a monster instead of trying to make it into a replacement for the SF while still calling it a monster.
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  9. GeorgeOGeorgeO Thanks for all the info bud!! Really appreciate it.
    In all honesty i do think the brutale dragster RR is the better bike over the streetfighter. I am aware of all the problems you mentioned. The low rpm surges being the worst in my opinion.
    Ive heard of most SF riders changing the front spocket to a 14 tooth having decent results with the low rpm surge. Need to look further into it.
  10. No, the MV does NOT need an aftermarket can

    20151230 - NetRider Old Pac Ride - 015.
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  11. My monster was surgy at low rpm, the DP ECU with pipes and hi-flo filter helped a bit but she still isn't the happiest at low speed. Over time as the engine bedded in it has become better - the best fix though is just to go fast, that's what she always wants. She sooks at slow speed, but beams when thrashed! Oh, and she sounds gorgeous!
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  12. Yip - changing the sprocket and / or a fatduc seems to work - although changing the frt sprocket effects high speed again.
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  13. Just price yikes! I road the Brutale at one of the MV ride days (hint: go find the next one), and it's awesome, really enjoyed it. But at north of $20k for a toy (I don't commute) it's just too dear.
  14. If u like a 800cc naked you are going to love a 1000cc.
    Go and ride the z1000, lighter and more powerful than the z800
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  15. I agree they look superb, but it's like a padded bra in the end. Cans should be about sounds first, looks second. You don't look upon the mantle piece whilst stocking the fire, but you sure want to hear it crackle and pop!
  16. I just found my detailed spreadsheet when I was hunting for the upgrade - off course everything went out the window the moment i test rode the Brutale

    Ended up paying $21500 for the Brutale but got a $500 discount they where offering - got the tailtidy and some frame sliders fitted for that

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  17. chillibuttonchillibutton Exactly, north of 20,000 is out of bounds for me since i rarely commute also.

    basejumperbasejumper If it is indeed lighter than the 800 then ill have to check it out. The Z800 was so top heavy...similar to the monster 821.

    GeorgeOGeorgeO Thanks for sharing your work! 21500 is a great price for an RR :)
  18. When it comes to weight there's no beating the Sf848 or MV. Both around the 168kg dry. Z1000 around the 220kg ?? (i think)
  19. I thought about it and I just cant see how my Z1000 could be classed as boring! Happy to give you a test ride and see what you think.
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  20. Smidge over 200kg dry, under 200kg when you change the huge and heavy standard exhaust.