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Ducati Streetfighter 848

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by panayiotis, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Went down to Ducati Melbourne on the weekend as they got their shipment of the SF848 in this week. I love them, and from what Ive read they are the dogs danglies to ride. Customer was picking up a red one which looked OK, in fact he was 'trading in' his SF1098 for one as he didnt like the bigger engined bike around town. Also saw the new ducati yellow which is very nice, but for me the black looks amazing.

    RRP$20,500 on the raod which doesnt seem like too bad a deal for a Ducati.

    Im seriosuly tempted with one of these for my first real bike after initially considering the BMW F800R and then the Street Triple. It's just a bit more special.



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  3. does look beasty!!
    your question is, which is more suitable for your needs??
    BUT!! If you have money to burn, who gives a toss and buy it :)
  4. Thoughts? Only one.

    848 Streetfighter - RED.

    You simply cannot go wrong with that thing! So fricken awesome.
  5. A friend had the 1098 and said that the fuelling was the issue with his. He sold it and got the Diavel and is much happier.

    That shouldn't be the same issue for the 848.

    OP only you can decide whether it is worth it. There are bikes that will do everything the same if not better at close to half the price. Decide whether you want to buy it and then justify it.

    Personally think it is a mess.
  6. wait for mv brutale 675, i know i am
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  7. looks gorgeous in black, best looking naked imo along with the 1098SF. Had my sights on the 848SF when it was announced but decided on the diavel instead, for me the 848 not a big jump from a street triple and 1098 too rough for daily riding. Check out the tuono v4r too, getting rave reviews, I kinda regret not test riding that too.
  8. More special for sure, but $6k more special (than the Striple R anyway)?

    Personal call obviously...
  9. This is a better plan IMO (having not seen or actually ridden either though....).
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  11. Yeh this is $18K ride away I think. I've been eyeing the Brutales for awhile now. They look awesome.
  12. The Brutale 920 is what got me hooked on these type of bikes...lovely bit of kit indeed.

    The market for this type of bike is filled with interesting machinery, its just difficult to choose when in all honesty, the bikes capabilities are all well above my own abilities.
  13. If cash wasn't an issue I would jump on the new Tuono. Love the looks & the V4.
  14. I agree - The Brutale 920 does look magnificent. I just love the whole design. I would sleep next to it in the garage if I had it. :D

    Also agree re: these bikes being powerful. That’s why I intend to move one step up and get something like Monster 696/796 or Brutale 675 and spend a few years mastering them before getting 1L + bikes.
  15. It just annoys me how it has outer plastics around the engine, similar to car engine bays... I mean, why would they do that.

    Other than that, I quite like them.
  16. So, after seeing these pictures and learning I will be in a financial position to buy a new bike in a month, I popped into my local Ducati dealer in Newcastle, being Frasers.

    Never have liked them much, and that visit confirmed my beliefs. After jumping on the streetfighter, just to have a sit, wasn't after a test ride, I was given the usual, "Um, can I help you?" As if to say, what the hell are you doing?

    Needless to say if I buy one, it won't be from them. An interesting note though, it doesn't come with ABS. For a mid range bike, which costs 20 thousand dollars that's a bit rich. Further more, the bike HAS wheel speed monitoring already built in (for the traction control), how hard would it have been to throw in an extra module to control the brakes?

    Big points lost in my book. When it's already at least 5 grand more than a STR, I would expect the best.
  17. To me the 848 sf is actually competition for the speed triple, not street. Pretty much same power although a little less torque.

    Makes the speed triple look mighty expensive in my book.

    And apparently there literally wasn't room to fit the abs gadgetry on as the body etc is identical to the bigger brother. That's the official line.
  18. +1. The 848 apparently has near Street Triple flickability, but also quite planted, while banging more like the Speed Triple. It also seems like a relatively roomy and comfy ride for day-to-day use while able to go mental when the mood strikes.

    The 675 Brutale looks great, but is small and revvy. No doubt it'll be a thrilling ride, but for the street the 848 SF looks hard to beat for liking. It's also a motor that Ducati have had for a while and is well sorted. A twin of this size has some extra cubes and grunt, but still with a willingness to rev and should be huge fun.

    They're quite different bikes, with the MV more like a 250 GP bike compared to the 848 being like a scaled down naked Superbike, a little along the lines of the (twin) Tuono, but lighter.

    The SF is very high on my wish list, unless a test ride doesn't hit the spot.
  19. 2012 specs are as follows:

    Speed triple: 133bhp / 99kw
    111Nm / 82ft lbs

    SF848: 132bhp / 97kw
    93.5Nm / 69ft lbs

    Seems you're correct about the SF848 being in the range of the Speed Triple. Hadn't really looked at it that way until now. Only one horse power difference between the two, but a bit of a torque difference.
  20. The Duc is lighter as well.