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Ducati Sports Classic, what do you reckon??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I was reading this months copy of UK Superbike magazine and stumbled upon an article of a road test of the Ducati Classic Sports bike.
    I'm not one for nakeds and love the look of a fully faired sports bike but these had a classic charm that made me look twice, i could totally imagine myself on a bike like this....in about 30yrs :wink:
    Still a nice bike, looks better in black though


  2. They ARE nice, but cursed with a truly hideous exhaust system.

    Here's its spiritual father, in the motorcycle museum in Tamworth, and the fabulous Contis on the next model



    {heh heh, that's Gegvasco and FJ1100 in the back ground :)}
  3. If I had the money I'd buy one - though I like the look of the 1000S better (same bike but with a bikini fairing). Kinda hoping they make a cheaper version based off the new 695 engine [-o< .
  4. Hey Hornet that Contis? Ducati is available in the UK as a rebuild from the ground up, it'll cost you your first born...so it may be worth it :wink: . They look so good when they're being ridden and the seating position looks pretty comfy.

    JD, ya gotta love the 1000s. It's not too badly priced though comared to the 999 and the such. But yeah pricier than your Jap bikes....we can still dream.
  5. I have a barrel-load of photos of that model in 900 cc form being raced in the Castrol Six Hour race and other places; believe me, the riders looked forward to the pit stops :LOL:

    But, yeah, I'd love a genuine 900SS or 750SS, and if I had the money, a replica would do, just to ride it up Macquarie Pass and hear those fabulous pipes echoing off the cliffs......
  6. getting all misty eyed mate? :grin:

    yeah it would be grand to have one to ride ont he weekend, but I think that it would end up hating me as I could never ride it anywhere near it's ability :grin: :grin:
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about that, mate, a reasonably competently-ridden 600 could blow it to the weeds pretty well anywhere; we are talking bikes from nearly 30 years ago, remember.....
  8. It's a lot pricier than the Triumph Thruxton too - be hard to decide between the Ducati and a heavily modified/customised Thruxton I reckon.
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  10. Yep and with a few mods it can look like this
  11. I have ridden the Sport classic and had a ball doing so. The standard exhaust is awful however that can be changed for something that is way nicer and sounds fantastic. All those people who witnessed the bike mid winter with the pipe on it at Friday night coffee and the poor individuals who followed me home through the tunnel afterwards.
    I really like this bike. IT is not overly powerful but the motor is a gem and goes really hard for the type of bike. I found the riding position quite comfortable considering what it is.

  12. yeah i saw it at southbank ...and heard it rattling windows of the cafe's :LOL:

    awesome sound with those pipes on it.

    Would love one for daytrips though the twisties
  13. Yeah JD that is really nice, it'd be great to have for those magical days when your purely going out for a cruisy ride through some nice sweepers with a pristine backdrop.
    The mods really do it some justice, do you know what they have done to it the pic?
  14. Having walked around, sat on and drooled all over the Sports Classic in Scumbag's pic, I would love one in my garage. Unfortunately I haven't been all that good this year, so I don't think Santa will oblige. :cry:


    The riding position didn't seem particularly extreme to me, but I know it's been criticised for putting too much weight on riders' wrists. IIRC there's a kit available to lift the bars, and the factory's fitting it to all new bikes. I'm sure Scumbag will correct me if I'm wrong...

    With those pipes on, the bike sounds absolutely friggin' wonderful. Don't fit them if you're the shy, retiring type! To me however, they sound better than they look. I prefer the look of the Termis, but I haven't heard them in action.

    I'm sure the Thruxton's a lot of fun, but I know which I'd rather own!
  15. Now THAT solves the ugly exhaust problem neatly, Sarge!!!

    Any chance of posting an audio file of how they SOUND :)???
  16. LOUD and sweet!!! :music: :music:
  17. That's from a Japanese site so it's hard to tell, but from the dodgy Google translation seems the add-ons include:
    -Custom Single Seat (definately a must have since the standard seat is terrible)
    -Stainless Steel Exhaust
    -Stainless Steel Front Fender
    -18 inch Alloy Rims
    -LED tail lamps
    -4 Pot Brembo Front Brakes
    -Keihin Carbs
    -Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tank and Air box
  18. The guy who ended up buying this baby, rides it down my street, you know: Out Here, and the Zards' pipes could also be described "Shotguns". They are eyepoppers.
  19. Ok, the beauty of working in a bike shop that these pieces of equipment sometimes come through is a bonus. I have heard all the termis including the full titanium system on a variety of the retro classics.
    Single termi - loud, very loud. Good bass, no crack though.
    Twin Termi - even louder, more bass, looks awful.
    Titanium Termi, beautiful, beautiful construction, really nice sound and good bass, horribly expensive.
    Zard, damn I want one of these on a Sport Classic, with the bike in Black. Loud, obnoxious, makes a shotgun crack on a sniff of a throttle, the overrun sounds fantastic and I love the way it sweeps in and around the bike. The bottom pipe flutters on your boot when your toes are on the peg.
    Damn I like this bike and that exhaust.

    With my money (if I could afford or justify) it would be the Zard, then the Titanium Termi. The others would not get a look in.
  20. Great looking bike, I'd love to have one but it would be a bugger to keep clean ( being naked and all). I'd have to put different wheels on it because after owning an old 1100 kat with spoked wheels, yeesh they were hard to keep clean. Never again with the spoke wheels.
    But I suppose it's meant to be a replica classic.