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Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Quick Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scumbag, May 20, 2006.

  1. I have one of these as a test vehicle for this weekend. So I thought I would share a few thoughts I have had after testing up and down Mountain Hwy this afternoon. :grin: :grin:
    First up I love the colour combination. The old style yellow/orange with the black stripe works for me.
    Not sure about the spoked wheels but hey just me.
    The instruments look fantastic.
    Decent blend of old and new school.
    The seat is broad and flat and HARD.
    It does let you move around on it though so is pretty good that way.
    The tyres look like the old ones on the original Sport back in the 70's but with modern sizes.
    The riding position is very aggresive, you are nose down bum up with a lot of weight on your wrists. Your feet are tucked up quite high and pretty much in underneath you.
    Ride impressions.
    Starts very easily, the electronics on the 1000 DS motor do all the work for you. Settles into a lumpy idle that hunts a little as it sorts itself out.
    Pull in the typically heavy Ducati clutch, select first and roll away. Bugger how long is this first gear. Typical with current Duke's the gearing is very long. Rolling around in 60 kmh areas I was not out of second gear.
    once rolling the bike is quite neutral steering responding well to a gentle push of the steeply angle clips to where you need it to go.
    The motor is fantastic.
    Lots of torque and spins nicely even with only 350km on the clock.
    Made my way to Mountain hwy and proceeded to travel up at a legal pace to find out how it responded to input and also to modify the way I ride due to the change in riding position from my ST@.
    By about 2/3rds of the way up I had a bit of a handle on it and started to push the bars a little more to get it to drop over.
    First thing I noted the retro look tyres, although they look good and suit the style, need more grip. I would definately throw a set of Pilot Powers on this thing to help it out.
    Secondly Needs a solid push on the bar and an agressive style to get the best out of it. The front end is very stiff and underdamped. It tends to get a little bouncy on irregular surfaces and it will shake its head on hard power out of corners. Not sure how to fix this maybe heavier weight oil in the forks.
    I have already said the motor is a ripper haven't I???? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    A few more passes of Mountain Hwy and I have got the hang of this and the way you need to get your weight on the front of it to make it go better. This is FUN. Huge grin factor up and down Mountain Hwy for about 2.5 hours. Very entertaining and left me giggling like a loon for about 10 mins at the bottom at one point.
    :grin: :grin:
    Down sides.
    Initial cost, you are looking at about 20 large to get it on road. That is without going into the accessories catalogue.
    Gearing. It needs to be shorter. I would drop 1 tooth on the front or go up 2 on the back.
    Riding position, it will hurt you in town, but on the right road is great fun.
    Up sides.
    The look. I had so many people double take as I was riding it along, and no it was not because it looked as though an orangutan was riding it either, before anyone says anything.
    It is a Ducati (sorry I am a little biased.)
    The motor, is fantastic for an aircooled 2 valver
    Brakes are very good, even though they are a little down spec from say a 1000 DS SS, or the 1000 Monster.

    Things I would change.
    Tyres, something with a more modern pattern
    Pipes just to let the sound out
    Gearing, shorter to play more.
    That is about it.
    I have thrown a couple of pictures in taken by Mrs Scumbag at the Cafe at the top of Mountain Hwy



  2. Noice boike. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Hey Brian, want to swap jobs for a while? :LOL:
  4. Whilst I dont want to take away from the hours of fun Scumbag had this afternoon "testing" the Sport Classic I do want to post a quick note for any of you thinking about (lusting after ??) either this or the Triumph Thruxton.

    Both bikes in my humble & probably uninformed opinion seem to have managed to nail the retro look perfectly but at the same time deliver the goods re demands by the modern motorcycle enthusiast - reliability, breaking, handling etc.

    The sight of Scumbag (grinning like a monkey with the key to the banana plantation)screaming past me on Mtn Hwy perched atop the Sport Classic was a lovely site .......with the exception of the gear he was wearing which just made the whole image of bike & rider look ridiculous.....its kinda a weird juxtoposition of retro & modern that just doesnt work.

    I couldnt help thinking that the bike was screaming out for Chairman, who would have looked perfect atop the Sport Classic with that open faced helmet, goggles & ancient jacket of his just blending to make a total package of rider & bike.

    I am not normaly one to give satorial suggestions to anyone riding a bike, if its comfy & protects you then what the hell.....who cares if you have full race leathers with matching boots & helmet or a motley assortment of gear you have collected over the years (yours truly).......but in this case I just think if you are going for the retro bike, then bugger it......this is one instance where the look of the gear needs to reflect the image of the bike..

    and yes.....Scumbag does look like an oranutang on this bike.
  5. Have you been on the fruit juice again Mrs S?

    And I see a passing resemblance to one Mr Boris watshisname from AMCN there as well!
  6. I wish.........
  7. So is this the Ace Cafe Ton Up or waxed cotton Barbour-Belstaff stylin' ?