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Ducati Sport 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, May 28, 2007.

  1. I was lucky enough to test ride one and what a beautiful bike.

    Looks like nothing has been spared in preparing a great looking cafe racer that looks to be an immaculate 35 year old restoration.

    Been a whilst since I've ridden a bike with clip-ons (there is another model with the "normal handlebars), and from what I understand your body will get used to the positon and riding above 80kmh the wind takes much of the weight off your wrists and arms.

    The test loop was pretty boring highway, but the bike just purred and had plenty of power down low and all through the rev range. Got up to 7,000rpm and mirrors just starting to buzz - but clear up to then.

    Putting luggage on it would take away the clean lines, but no doubt could be done for a weekend trip and be sooo much fun to hit some twisties on, I couldn't think of anything else that I'd rather have if that was my market :cool:

    Priced at $19K doesn't make it the cheapest bike, but top quality suspension, brakes and great Vtwin engine performance would suit those wanting that look with modern performance and reliabilty.

    Clean simple and easy to read gaugues


  2. I believe the bike pictured is a Sport 1000? (I think the GT has the standard bars, and a different seat).
    Agree with you that it is breathtaking to look at, tho'.
  3. Yes, it looks like a bike that fits a very specific market niche. Not a tourer, not a thrasher, not a commuter, not a hooligan - it's an uncomfortable but brilliant-looking classic built to turn heads and make older males drool.

    And my GOD the sound of it when Scummy had the twisty twin Termis on his demo bike from Moto One - christ, I don't know if I've ever heard a more soul-stirring engine.
  4. Well I do ride a dual sport, have fallen off a few times and helmets can only do so much :p

    Thanks for the heads up - I've edited the title

    The cowl also comes off to give you two seats

    Link to Duc site for anyone interested

  5. There's a yummy red one in my suburb, somewhere, I saw the guy riding it the other day. Memories of the seventies; I'm betting Ducati will sell every single one they make....
  6. Sorry Loz they were not Termi but Zard (which I think look better and sound fantastic)
    Unfortunately the new sport with the exhaust on each side does not work with that exhaust. Termi have another one which does sound very nice and has a lot of bass in it. It is almost the same as the exhaust they do for the GT 1000 but in a different colour

    The Bike I rode into coffee is not made anymore That is the monoposto version. :cry:
  7. Yep as an old biker it appealed to me and I bought one..

    Had it a month or so now and it's great fun, looks hot, handles well and when I get Termis on it next week should be even better... gotta have that thumpa thumpa sound going on :shock: sorry neighbours.... NOT

    Just getting the hang of riding again, been off a bike for a while so have been easing myself back into riding.

    Yesterday took it up the old hwy to gosford across through broke and back down the putty road.
    500k later I got home tired but very happy.
    My left wrist was f*cked though wet clutch or not its still pretty heavy going. Aftermarket clutch slave kit is being shopped for right now. Work can wait hahaha

  8. Yep a few around, I have a MPL-Tuning Parts one on my ST2
    I have also seen the SPL, Evolozione and a couple of others as well. Even Ducati perfomance does one though at a price that makes your ears bleed.
  9. any you'd recommend? best place to buy etc

  10. My bike is a cable clutch, at least this Duc (and many bikes) have the reservoir - so what does a slave kit do in addition to the hydraulics??
  11. Need less pressure to pull the clutch in, as well as being more reliable than the standard Ducati version apparently. Scumbag will know more about this I'm guessing.

    I've read the Yoyodyne slave units are good too.
    Aftermarket Ducati parts seem cheaper and more available in the US than here. Got an Ohlins steering damper for Oz$420 and the local price I was quoted $650.
  12. That is a very nice looking bike, IMO what a bike should look like. I have only seen the yellow which lost the look a bit IMO, in black with a stainlesss or polished tank would look awesome :cool:

  13. Yes to the fact you need less pressure to pull the clutch lever in. Ducati have traditionally had a high lever effort to activate the clutch. The figure bandied about is normally30 % less lever effort.
    Now as where to buy them from. I got mine from MPL-Tuning parts in Germany over the internet. Arrived in about 10 days at xmas time.
    Other manufacturers are about the same. Expect to pay between 225 and up for it.
    Easier and cheaper to source overseas. Just make sure you quote the correct year for the bike as they changed in 01/02