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Ducati Servicing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by hally, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. So i was just wondering if any one out there knew roughly what a routine service costs for a ducati???

    Im looking into getting an 848 and i just wanna know how much i will be up for cost wise after the initial purchase. I am assuming that its not going to be cheap, but if someone could give me a ballpark figure that would be great.

  2. Not 100% sure but be prepared for 500 minor service and up to 1000 major service.

    I just service my BMW but had front rotors, pads and tyre replaced as well as a new battery after my last one lasted 7 years plus a major service all up $1800, $1200 was just in parts including all the peripherals
    If you want a euro bike be prepared to pay for the service costs.
  3. Checked out prices for an ST4s.

    Major around $1,000 - every 20,000kms. Minor every other 10,000kms - no belts just valve adjust ~ $600

    These prices are from an independent shop at Mona Vale - dealer service a bit dearer

    Also recommended to do oil every 5,000kms but will do myself

    Jap bikes normally every 6,000kms so need to be weighed up as well
  4. Thanks for the input guys,

    I just went to look at suzuki GSXR 750's and CBR's this morning. Im impressed but they do need servicing twice as much as the ducati 848!

    Jap bike service every 6,000kms like you guys said.

    I just rang the ducati dealer and asked for servicing info. GET THIS

    If your not doing a lot of kms servicing costs look like this
    - First service is $208
    - at 12 months service is $436
    - 2 yr service (major) is $563

    Or if you do a lot of kms, servicing costs look like this
    -First service is still $208
    Then the bike needs to be serviced every 12,000 kms after that at a cost of $445 each service.

    Has the world gone topsy tervy! I couldn't believe my ears when he was telling me this over the phone. And its a service every 12,000kms not 6,000kms like jap bikes. That means more time enjoying the bike instead of riding it to the garage all the time.

    I'm impressed and a little shocked :shock:
  5. Be wary though because it is dependent on the model.
    A faired bike will cost more to service than a naked monster,
    A 4 valve liquid cooled costs more to service than a 2 valve air/oil cooled etc.
  6. I was quoted approx $900 for a 10k interval service and $1200 for a 20k interval service for a 750 Monster :shock:
  7. Well the prices i put up are what i was quoted for an 848 which is what im looking at buying.

    The guy reconed that the servicing cost had gone down considerably because the amount of time it takes to do the service has decreased from something like 7hrs to only 3hrs.

    I suppose that makes sense when you look at those prices. If you added another 3-4hrs of labour on there the service cost would be up around the $1000 mark i guess.

    I might ring one of the other dealers just to check for sure.
  8. I wouldn't let my car run for 12,000kms without an oil change BUT Ducati say it's OK for a performance motorcycle to run for 12,000 kms seems wrong. On my road bikes I have always done a extra oil change half way between the manufactures recommended intervals and on my dirt bike every 500kms. Maybe this is over-kill but oil is cheap compared to engine wear/rebuild.
  9. any ducati dealers I have asked about the oil change periods, said you should do one in between the main services ie. every 5000 or 6000kms.
  10. Hally the pricing is right
    no the wold is not topsy turvy all ducatis from 07 are 12000 klm intervals thoughas a sales rep i always advise that oil and filter be done at 6000. do it yourself if you can :)
    the farings dont add that much to the price as they are quite quick to get get them off. the other big advantage is that the ducati does need a good inspection were im sure some of the jap bikes ive owned have just done a quick oil and filter change but charged full price.
  11. Yeah i knew the pricing was right cause the dealer read it out to me off his service price list.

    I have my 848 now and after the first service at 1000kms i recon i will do oil and filter inbetween the 12,000km services. I need to keep in mind though that its a service every 12,000kms or every 12 months depending on how much i ride it.