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Ducati Service in Tasmania

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ducati900ss, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Hello all,
    I live in the Hobart area and am in need of a service for my duke(900ss 95'). Can anyone suggest a good place/person to have this done.
    Thanks for your help

  2. A couple hours ride, but Sport Rider in Launceston.
  3. I'd second that. I have been there on a couple of occasions and they seem to provide very attentive customer service.
  4. Thanks for your replies
    I am aware of sportsrider as they are the the sole Tassie Ducati dealer, however I remember being told some time ago that sports rider contract a Ducati mechanic to do the(Ducati) work for them? I just cant remember his name, I also have noticed on a recent trip to Launceston that there appeart to be a Ducati service centre just off the highway. Any ideas ?
    Thanks again
  5. A bike is a bike is a bike. Any good mechanic will do. The only reason people say Ducati's are expensive to service is because they take them to Ducati dealers.
  6. Matt

    In 2002 we were touring Tasmania. I needed a new rear tyre - picked up a nail and it couldn't be plugged. Found ourselves in South Burnie. Stopped at an unlikely looking motorcycle shop Coastal Bikes & Tools. Yes, he could sell me a tyre, No he couldn't get the wheel off my bike. It then transpired during the lengthy operation to change the tyre that his son (off having his knee operated on) was a Ducati mechanic and had worked at Sportsrider and still did sometimes (I think). I realise South Burnie is a long way from you, but its not that far from Launceston. I don't know the name of the owner of Coastal Bikes (who was very helpful), or his son, but the shop number is (03) 6432 1111. We did manage to change the tyre.

    Otherwise contact someone at the Italian Motorcycle Association in Tasmania http://www.imctas.com they are bound to be able to help.

  7. Thanks to all
    I have picked up just the lead I was after from the Italain Motorcycle Club forum.
  8. Milton from Motorworks (Argyle st Hobart) can do ducati services, but he wont admit it publicly.

    Dunno if he doesn't like working on 'em, or it's because he's a qualified BMW mechanic and it was part of his training to dislike other brands. :LOL: