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Ducati Scrambler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dobbo, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. I have been looking at the Ducati Srcambler, both the 'full throttle' & ‘ urban enduro', just for something a little different!
    Plan to mainly ride the twisties with the ability to explore the odd dirt road. I have other bikes for serious dirt, so this is just for those roads that i come across where i wonder where it goes:)

    I'm planning to book a test ride in the next couple of weeks.

    I'm not interested what others think of the looks, just want the opinions of those that have one or ridden one, both the pros & cons?
    I've read the standard online reviews & watched the yuotube videos.

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    They're fun,but not worth the money.

    They're not as well sorted as many bikes out there, which is fine cause they're meant to be basic. But the build and componentry don't match the price tag..... I'd go a monster.

    I've chased a mate on a 1299 through twisties at a cough... Decent... Pace. The chunky pirellis are great, but the bike still makes you work, and feels a bit loose.... It's good for adrenalin. Is that what you're after?
  3. Thanks trd
    This information is what I'm after.

    There are a couple of other bikes I'm looking at, the monster isn't one though.

    Anyone else ridden the scrambler?
  4. Hi dobbodobbo , I have had a play on the scrambler and posted up a write up if you are interested.... I would consider one as a play toy for our gravel logging roads and like the look of "the flat tracker" concept bike based on the Full Throttle version. Google Ducati Scrambler flat tracker. Put in the following on Netrider search and the post should be there.
    1st impressions of a new bike

  5. MrAusAdventure is a VLogger in QLD and recently did a video on riding the Urban Enduro:

  6. I had a quick burn around the block on one, couldn't find any reason that I'd buy one over, say, a Hyper 796 with the same motor but better everything else.
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  7. Wife and I hired one for a day in Waikiki, it did exactly what it's promoted to do...it's a lifestyle bike.

    We rode two up in heavy city traffic to open highways and most stuff in between except for dirt, well a bit of gravel. It handled everything in it's stride including getting us up to highway speeds from lookouts on the side of highways. It's got enough torque to power along, brakes do the job and so does the suspension, if you get over the fact it's not a sports bike it's not a bad bike.
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  8. I like the look of the Ducati Scrambler, have you seen the new Yamaha XSR 900 ? I saw one on display at Philip Island yesterday at it looked pretty cool I reckon, similar looking bike

    More Photos of the 2016 Yamaha XSR900
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  9. That XSR looks great, I don't like the look of the Mt-09, this looks much better, with the same great engine.
  10. I've test ridden the Scrambler and XSR 900. The Scrambler is great bike for around town. It's small light easy to ride but still with bags of Ducati character. The XSR has a bit more top end power, is more refined and has many more features for your money but not as much character. I guess it depends how much dirt/gravel road exploring you expect to be doing. Based purely on riding the twisties I think their are better bikes than the Scrambler, including the XSR. I'm looking for a commuter and around town bike and I think the Scrambler is pretty hard to beat.