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ducati S4RS / S2RS /S4R?? Whats the differences?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kursed, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I am looking into middleweight nakeds, and one that has come up is the duc range of nakeds. I don't know much about them, but if anyone here is a duc expert, can you give me a brief overview of the differences?

  2. Number of vales and bling !

    2 - desmoduo, Two valves per cylinder
    4 - desmoquattro, Four valves per cylinder

    bling . . . as in OHLINs suspension, bits of CF and paintjob.
  3. no ducati bias, i promise

    Go for the S2!
    The S4 series are wicked, but might be getting a bit heavy to be called middleweight. The S2 series, at ~95 horses has plenty `nuff power (and loadsa torque)...plus you can modify a monster more than almost anything else on the market, lastly; after such a long production-run, you can get parts for nix.
    Check out monster forums.
    My buddy tuned his S4 (base model 4 valve) to a dyno`d 163 horse at the back wheel! Power wheelies in 3rd!

    The "R" and "S" just means upgraded suspension etc
  4. So you're telling me, your mates monster S4, which makes 100hp at the fly, is now making 163hp at the wheel?? Thats 200hp at the fly. I find that hard to believe....
  5. it would have to be seriously modded :shock:
    we're going to need a dyno sheet for this one :-k
  6. The S2R's are great bikes for the Money, I have the S2R 800 and it has been a great bike, The suspension is a very basic, non adjustable front forks, and rebound and preload on the rear, I'm getting an Ohlins Rear shock with a heavier spring and the front forks revalved and resprung to suit my heavy ass! :LOL:

    The 4 valve Monsters have better suspension, The S4Rs has Ohlins all round straight from the factory, but with the extra performance comes more cost, the 4 valve monsters are more expensive to service.

    They have now increased the service intervals out to 10000k's and so far it seems to be causing no problems.

    But the Monsters are so easy to customize and make your own, Ducati gives you a great base to modify and change to suit the look you want or the style of riding you prefer.

    The Ducati factory has been working very hard on lifting the fit, finish and overall quality of the bikes in recent years to ensure a much smoother ownership experience with less of the old problems like oil leaks and dodgy electrics.

    But if you want more Information from Ducati Monster Fanatics

    Avoid the better known Ducati monster list and Ducati.ms Forums as they have recently been bought out and have been merged into motorcycle.com and are now just being used to raise money for the parent company, Lots of flashy ads but no decent content anymore.

  7. The guy is for real; i`ll try to dig out his website......but a regular desmoquattro makes more than 100hp at the fly?? I rode it on a recent fang through the (ahem) swiss alps and never gave it the full berries; i was laughing enough with only small throttle movements :p ....lets just say it had a serious speaking-to!
  8. as pointed out the s2r is a 2 valve air cooled engine where the S4r is 4 valves and water cooled primaraly because of the bigger heads and less air flow. the 695 and s2r (800) also have a wet clutch where the others run a dry clutch whith more oppurtunity for bling :grin:. also look at the new 696 which has 80 hp, yes more than the 800, but is lower and shorter.
    a few people myself included have found it more fun than the 1000.
    i do have a ready blinged s4r here so pm if you want more info.
    An S4r is quoted has having 130Hp
    Servicing on the new Ducatis are 12000 klms and also have 2 years roadside. Ducati are out to disprove a lot of the cost of service and reliability concerns of the past
  9. Quick recap. All S*R series bikes have single-sided swingarms. All but S2R dark have a stripe down the middle of the headlight cowl, tank and seat cowl. Stripe is directly in the middle for 4 valve water-cooled motors; offset to the right for the 2 valve motors.

    S4R (2004-2006 model years): 996 motor, 4 valve, water cooled, fairly reasonable power

    S2R (2005 - 2007/2008): 803 cc, 2 valve, air cooled. Not bad power. Lovely wet clutch which is nice for in-town riding. Smaller brakes than S4R, non-adjusty front suspension and limited rear suspension adjustment.

    S2R1000 (2006 - 2008): 992 cc, 2 valve, air cooled. Bit more power than the S2R. Dry clutch for the rattles and the big forearms. I have one and I love it. Same suspension and brakes as the original S4R.

    S4Rs (2007 - 2008, some came out late 2006): 999 motor, 4 valve, water cooled, more power than the original S4R. Comes with Ohlins suspension front and rear, plus some carbon bling. Could also be bought in a limited edition Tricolore paintjob.

    S4R (2007 - 2008) sometimes denoted as S4RT: Same motor as S4Rs without the Ohlins and carbon bling.

    As previously mentioned, head over to the ducati monster forums to find out more if you wish :).

    Servicing costs are cheaper on air-cooled bikes. More power on water-cooled ones. Ugly radiator hangs out on the water-cooled ones, but that's imho.