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Ducati S4 vs 696. Help.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bilonur, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. This is my first ever post :)

    Just came off my restrictions on 31st December, sold my first bike and now seriously thinking about getting a Ducati as my 2nd bike.

    Im thinking about either a late model 696 (2007 onwards) or an earlier model S4 (eg 2001)

    I havent taken either bike for a test ride as yet though I plan to this weekend.

    I know the S4 is a bigger bike (in terms of motor size). But is it bigger in physical size as well or are they identical size wise?

    Being my second bike, will the S4 be "too powerful" for me? Should I ride the 696 for a couple of years before getting a more powerful bike?

    If anyone has any insights into these bikes, or can recommend other suitable naked style Ducatis, will REALLY appreciate it. Dont want to spend more than $10k.

    I had my first bike (Kawasaki cruiser) for a couple of years, really enjoyed it but want more of a naked style now, and looking for Ducati only.

  2. A mates wife has the 696,ergonomically I don't understand why they make a bike with a seat high that suits short people but with a huge reach required over the tank to get to the bars,very capable bike after we fitted the massively expensive city bar kit,$450 including new switch blocks and braided lines both sides.Test ride them and then you will have a better idea.
  3. Power delivery on S4 is linear and predictable, so I don't think it would present a problem for a rider with reasonable self control.
    If it makes any difference to you, the servicing on the 696 should be quite a bit cheaper, and would make a slightly better commuter.
  4. I would recommend the 696 as it's a good upgrade bike in terms of size (manageability) and power. It's also just a good bike in its own right!

    I own a 696 at the moment (after having owned a GSXR600, CBR600R and a GSXR750) as I wanted something more upright and urban friendly. I really like the dimensions, handling and all round fun factor of the 696. I find that I don't need to be travelling at crazy speeds to have a great time on it...Always brings a smile to my face (and it sounds unreal with the CF Termis).

    The 696 is also pretty good in terms of service and maintenance costs which is surely an added bonus over the S4.

    I had a 14T sprocket installed at the last service and it has made the bike just that little bit more fun around town!

    Highly recommended, I'd have loved one as a first 'big bike' too...Definitely something you can grow with and enjoy owning.
  5. You ought to also look at the Monster S2R 800.
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies.
    Im definitely more a commuter, and keeping servicing costs to a minimum is a big factor for me.

    Im going to take 2 696's for a test ride tomorrow. If the 696 is fairly upright and comfortable to ride, and i can haggle a good price, then i might be the owner of a new (ie 2nd hand) 696.

    One is black, the other is white. Leaning towards the black which is fairly stock. The white has quite a few extras eg aftermarket exhaust which apparently gives it a more linear power delivery.

    Anyway, looking forward to the test ride tomorrow.