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Ducati pics, as promised....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by incitatus, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. As promised, click the 'www' button below (next to the profile, pm, and email buttons), or click this link, http://members.iinet.net.au/~browng/

    Pictures include some history and info on the bike. I kinda like this website thing, and will be adding stuff on my other bikes, my airplane, and my collection of ancient Roman artifacts.

  2. Very nice.

    One of my dad's best friends had one of these: [img:2272:1704:7d7d99d8f6]http://www.nddoc.org.au/images/pantah1.jpg[/img:7d7d99d8f6]
    many moons ago.
  3. Hey incitatus sorry man but I can't see any pics.
  4. Are you being blocked at work or something? it's just a regular personal website, nothing special, no plugins or fancy scripts.
  5. It just hangs ......
    I can't see any pics either :?
  6. Are you guys on modems? If so, just wait, the pics are 640x480 high quality.
  7. Nah I'm on cable and have no blocks, anyway its a shame, I a, sure it is a beaut ride.
  8. nope..I'm on adsl.
    I'll have another go. :)
  9. I can't see any pics either (and since a 900SS MHR Ducati is on the wishlist, I WANT pics!)

    This might have something to do with the source code originating from and being edited in Microsoft Word. You could try redsigning the site with Dreamweaver (or similar webpage creating software) - Dreamweaver has a 30 day free trial which is why I know about it, and it was pretty easy to learn!


  10. +1 not being able to see tasty pics, the source code doesn't seem to have links to them on the website.
  11. seems to be working for me,

    NICE bike dude !!
  12. I get the header, nothing else. I am on ADSL at work.

  13. Ok, I have discovered that it works fine in Firefox and in Opera, but not in IE. Bloody microsoft! you build a website in one Microsoft product, and it won't work in another Microsoft product..... :evil:
  14. Same here.

    (Probably just as well, I'd only get jealous!)
  15. Gorgeous bike, I hope you haven't had second thoughts since swapping it with that plane!
  16. incitatus, could you post a couple of links directly to the JPG's for the IE users? That might bypass the main page load issue.
  17. Lovely edition to the garage and sure to be a collectors item in years to come. You have the old now you just need the new...a bright red 999 ;)
  18. people should not be using IE anyway :)
  19. Ok, fixed for IE. It seems that it didn't like the banner page, so I just ditched it.