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Ducati Pantah Riders Get Together

Discussion in 'VIC' started by fightingtiger, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    After a bit of chat on other Pantah related threads on this forum I am trying to put together a get together for lovers of all things Pantah.

    So if you are the proud owner/rider of a:

    Ducati Pantah 500

    Ducati Pantah 600

    Ducati Pantah 650

    Lets start with these but we will be hard pressed to exclude people like owners of F1's for example IMHO - after all with bikes, the more the merrier, but lets start with Pantahs.

    Please post up:

    1. the area you are from (no specifics please just a general location)

    2. your Pantah

    3. Preferred Date or rough date

    4. suggested location

    I will collate the info and then put together a location, timing and agenda for a weekend Pantah Get together.

    I'll start

    1. Melbourne Northern Suburbs

    2. Blackie the 1982 500SL Pantah

    3. End of September or end of November (trying for when the weather is reasonable and to give people plenty of planning time)

    4. Small town somewhere geographically between Melbourne and Sydney

    I've been involved with a number of social clubs and events over the years so plan to put together :

    1. a location, hopefully somewhere interesting,

    2, which has a pub,

    3. some room for camping or Hotel acomodation to cater for all,

    4. some activities around that general area

    5. hopefully some nice local roads to ride on

    Who knows, it may take off and we may even end up with an Annual Pantah Pilgramage :)

    At the very least we might end up meeting some great people and see some great bikes.

    Thanks and over to you guys.

    Catch ya

  2. This is sounding very exciting to me. I'm at Northern NSW, Ballina and the timing shouldn't be a problem with this much notice. Hopefully I can ride down with Ged if he's coming. Andy.600SL
  3. Cool Andy.

    How cool would it look to have a line of Pantahs roaring (quietly) down the highway.

    It's almost worth riding up to ride back down again :)
  4. Yup! I'm up for it, assuming I can get my act together!

    All cool with each of your suggestions Shane.

    It should be a wicked trip! In 1996 the Aust Grand Prix was at Eastern Creek and the World Superbikes at Phiilip island the next weekend, my family wasnt letting me get away with that on my own, so we drove our 66 XP Falcon Hardtop with 2 kids and camper trailer to Sydney for the GP, then up over the Snowy's and down through Eildon and the back way to Melbourne and Phillip Island for the next weekend and then back up the coast via wilsons Prom and The Princes Hway over the next few days. Wonderful trip...... Late October I think?

    Your right, you should venture up this way first and ride down the backway! I think it should be a round trip of 3500 to 4000k's from up here, and that will be a good test of all these old girls!
  5. I've noticed a couple of us have Giannelli's.. doubt it will be all that quiet.:-s