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Ducati Pantah Questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by coaltrain, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    I'm looking at Ducati Pantahs as a second bike. I've always liked the shape of them. I did my Q-ride Late last year and am riding a Honda VTR 250. I've also been following fightingtiger's Pantah project thread.

    I've noticed a few (but not many) for sale.
    I have a few questions if anyone is kind enough provide some feedback.

    1. An old bike is an old bike so they'll always need work. How much maintenace do the Pantahs need?

    2. Any particular items or issues that need special care and attention when owning a Pantah?

    3. Anything that really needs to be looked at carefully when buying a Pantah? eg. Something in the engine that costs thousands to replace/repair - if you can find the parts.

    4. I'm not particualrly mechanical or handy with a spanner (or not at all). So are there any mechanics that specialise in older Ducatis in Brisbane?

    Thanks in advance for any advice that might come my way. . . . along with the usual 'witty' replies regarding Ducatis :p

  2. 1] Check electrics. Nice bike when running but poor electrics can often fault them. Other than that its the usual Ducati stuff with Desmo-valve heads (bit fiddly to service).

    2] See above

    3] See above

    4] No idea. Ask your local dealership, or look it up on the web.

    Cheers mate - boingk
  3. Hi boingk
    Thanks for replying. Trying to garner as much information as I can before making any decisions on this.

  4. Go see Bob at brisbane ducati in tennyison st he is one of the best duke guys i know. The older bikes do have the odd gremlin ( electrical, valves) so it is best to get them checked
  5. There is a well known fault and fix that Gowanlocks do,standard they send all the electrical power to spin the starter with not much going to spark the ignision,result is poor starting,they add a relay and become much easier,another age related problem is the insulation rotting off the wires comming out of the hot oil bath altinator,there are fixes,that applys to all older Italion bikes.
  6. By modern standards a fair bit. You will need to be willing to learn to work on a bike. If you are unwilling to do that look elsewhere.

    As mentioned Italian electrics up untill the late 80s was ordinary. You will need to understand a multi-meter.

    The Desmo valves need to be adjusted quite regularly and it needs to be done well. It is generally not advise that you do this yourself as it's not hard to burn out valves or worse if it is slightly out.

    It's more a case of some models being much better than others. You need to do your research here. I think there are a couple of instances where Ducati made step changes in part of the engine, but where let down Dramatically in other. The problem was fixed in subsequent models.

    Don't know, but you do need to find out for the valve clearances at least. They will also know the odd idiosyncrasies of each year and model.

    When you own a Ducati it is good advise to own a second bike. Block at work owns two newer ducks and is currently riding his sons cbr125 to work.

    he's about 6'2" and 105 kg. :rofl:
  7. All,
    Thanks for your further advice. This would be (as I've heard someone else describe their old Ducati) my Sunny Sunday bike.
    @ Benjamin78au - I'll give them a call - I assume they work on older Ducatis then? BTW how's yours going?

    @ibast - Thanks for your input - I'm happy to do maintenance - I'd like to do a course to start off with, but doesn't appear to be any in Brisbane.

    @Zim - That would really be a little (or a lot) annoying, trying to wind it over as the battery finally drained of life - I'd probably be using a lot of 'french' rather than italian words!

    Thanks all
  8. I've owned my 600 pantah since 1983 (82 model). In the past it was my main mode of transport and we even toured extensively. As other members have noted most problems are electrical but I think I have finally sorted a lot of these out. Solenoid switch is your problem if starter just goes click, click, starter motor occasionally requires new brushs as gets dirty inside. Starting has been improved by fitting Bosch GT40T coils. Once lost 5th gear when dogs failed, apparently some were overhardened. Lots of fun to ride and glad I've held onto it.
  9. Most things seem to be covered.
    One thing is tho the rockers. If the valves have not been done regulary then yeh the rockers can go. then the cams. There are aftermarket rockers you can get that are cheaper and stronger than the OEM's. Goes for all Duc's.
    Also look for corrosion in the frame. It can start from the inside and work its way out, and really mess things up. Put some paint on any bald patches.
    So good to see these classics with soul staying alive. good on ya mate all the best.