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Ducati Pantah 5/600 for a second bike. Am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Well, hello everyone, I guess this is my Official first post so here goes!

    Currently on the L's, overdue for the p's but no time... anyway, very excited about the prospect of a new bike in June/July, (as the old ZZ-R250 is starting to wear a bit thin), which also happens to be about the time that, allegedly, this LAMS thing should be coming in. Been reading about that & I find out the likely protocol is 150kw per ton, same as NSW, so I have a look at NSW list of approved bikes.

    There are a lot of bikes on there I would be happy to live with. Many. But: There are two that really float my boat, and they both start with Ducati & end with Pantah :grin: (yes I know they epotomise the 80's, most people probably think they are ugly, but put it next to a Paso & try to tell me that!)

    Am I crazy to buy a Ducati Pantah 5/600 as a second bike? :?:
    Experience etc aside, in terms of a money pit, what is likely to go wrong? Will I have to spend an extortionary amount on spares? Are they a stupid choice for commuting? Is it too old to be reliable?

    My first motorcycling memories are from the back of my dads Ducati MH900, so the Pantah, short of an MH, is where it is at for me.

    Back to the experience thing, I will be commuting, touring, whatever, is there anything it won't do?

    I guess, basically, my question is: Why not?

    Thanks for reading this, this is a great forum & the members on here are much more mature & accepting than any others I have been too, keep up the good work.
  2. Had a pantah years ago - would have another in a heartbeat - but not for my only bike.

    Nowhere reliable enough for an only bike.

    But more fun than a convent school on day release.
  3. Possibly. But some crazy people have more fun than many sane folk. Give it a go, since as it's a second bike you really cannot lose much, except maybe a little money. But all fun costs something...


    Trevor G
  4. Sorry, should clarify, the G/F & I are sharing the ZZ-R at the moment, but we will both be commuting on two wheels when the second bike arrives.

    I guess I've always got the cage to fall back on, worst case scenario!

    Peter, how was it to live with? Was it usually the same problem or random italian faults?
  5. If you're mechanically and (more importantly) electrically competent and your heart tells you it's the bike you want, go for it. Any still running should have the quality control problems ironed out by now.

    I probably wouldn't use one as a sole means of transport, high mileage, low maintenance commuter though :grin: .
  6. from horror stories ive heard, you should just get all the electrics redone and it should be a fine reliable bike.

    There a nice looking bike for the era, especially when compared next to a paso. That said, the 80's is an era most ducatisti want to forget.

    If you look in my garage. The ducati in there is perfectly learner legal with a throttle restrictor. It reliable, quick, and if i dont mind saying, just a giant poop on anything you can get as a learner.
  7. A freind of mine used to use it as their sole means of transport, but that was 10 years ago. I think they are just getting too old now.

    Remember we are talking around 25 years old now.
  8. my dad has a 600. its got mega bad electrical problems , if you do find one get the wires replaced and stuff ,also they aren't that fast ether but mega fun to ride , my dad also has a 900sd Darmah, sooo nice
  9. Yeah, the 620 looks nice, but out of my price range! Looking to spend 7K max. I guess I am not most Ducatisti...

    Other than electrical problems & the usual consumables, is there anything else that would go wrong?

    Looks like I might have to go through the LAMS list again & do some more research.
    Shelve the Pantah dream until I can afford many bikes!

    Thanks for all the input so far it's been really helpful. :grin:
  10. It's gonna be a 25 year old bike. If that doesn't answer your question, maybe you should reconsider :grin: .
  11. Your not even one at all....yet...
  12. Well then try and not spend over $5K and have some left over for the any repairs :wink:

    Have seen them go on ebay for under $5K, and this just sold Pantah for $5K
  13. You may be crazy, but at least you have excellent taste.
  14. Booth, mind if I take your Duc for a spin some time? I'll leave a fitting deposit....would love to see how it compares to some of the other learners out there :)
  15. Ah, the Pantah!!

    I'd have to agree that it's not a sensible proposition as the only bike, but what a jewel of a motorcycle the were!!

    One day I'll tell the story of how a Pantah, with an undersized engine, nearly pinched Australia's biggest endurance race :wink:.
  16. You can always get one of these.....

  17. I do. lol Not for the not comparing aspect, but its kind of my lack of trust in anyone else to touch it lol. No offence.
  18. Never mind, what kind of times do they run around the tracks then?
  19. They're beautifull, but a total rort for the money. Not worth it at all as a value for money proposition. You could almost any classic jap bike in mechanically fantastic condition for $5000 easy.
  20. But it would still be a Jap bike :p