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Ducati Owners Questions? 1198 848

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bluebear69, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. hey there

    atm i own a suzuki gixxer 750

    im looking to upgrade
    750 is rather bit slow for me

    i never ridden 1000s but i know for sure im good with speed and the power,

    so im looking at ducati 1198 and the evo 848, maybe aprilia rsv4
    why do i want these bikes
    i want sumfin loud and exotic over the inline 4

    i have a few questions about these bikes
    is the 1198 a overkill on power?
    i hear alot about this and it can get you into sticky spots

    most of my ridding is sunday rides, freeway with a tiny city drive

    how do people feel towards them both and for those people that own a 848 why you never went for the 1198? was it due to cost

    im concern goin for another average HP bike

    is the 1198 really unconfy compare to a gixxer 750 sportsbike?
  2. re:- power

    If somes good, mores better and too much is just about right...
  3. How is the gixxer too slow for you if you are only riding on public roads?
    Going for another average HP bike??

    Troll away..................... :)

  4. I'd have to agree with Quo Vadas.
    Having owned a Gixxer 750 previously, that was a very able-powered sportsbike for road riding, in particular for your style/purpose. I often say, even at present with 2 Litre bikes, that I could see myself downsizing some point in the future... 1000cc is not needed on public roads.
    If you are smitten by the 'Ducati' craftsmanship, name, style...then an 848 would be more than sufficient to keep that smile on your dial. The new 848 Evo may suit your preferences, though many 'middle-weight' bikes will do what you require, very comfortably.
    Good luck with your decision.
  5. the vtr250 can break all the legal speed limits in Australia. Therefore it's more than fast enough for anyone who rides on public roads, am I right? Take a hike...

    I'm starting to think its the people that go about calling troll at the first opportunity are the ones that are trolling.
  6. You say you the 750 is too slow than ask if the 1198 is too fast.
    Buy the 1198 nice bike great vtwin torque and what pulls the ladies like a duke :)
    if i had the cash i would probably go for the rsv4.
  7. Get an R1. Fully sic bro. Fully!

    See you on the freeway!

  8. Now, I fully have to agree with akaluke (y)
  9. Got it one Lilley..............=D>
  10. I considered buying one when I bought my r1. From what I read on the owners forums the 848 is faster in the real world, just like the 750 is faster than a 1000 in the real world as you are too worried about losing the back on the thousand.

    Having said that I got the thousand because I needed to have the fastest for once. I know that I should have got the 750 though.

    Buy whatever gives you the biggest stiffie.
  11. I've seen many many 1198 riders tippy toeing around twisty corners because they just can't ride the bike properly. Be it fear of power, or inability to commit to corners with the 1198 handling characteristics. Or fear of the cost of repairs due to even a small drop.

    I've also seen a few 1198 riders really do it well. But then, I've seen a couple of guys on Multistradas (1000 and 1100) beat the crap out of 1198 riders except in a dead straight line. I can certainly keep up with most 1198 riders in tight twisty stuff. Actually, they tend to get in my way.

    So, if you are a really good rider capable of committing to corners and using the bike properly, get an 1198. Otherwise don't bother.

    The 848 is similar in that it has a true sports bike riding position, but with less power and weight it is easier to handle in the tight stuff. . . so I'm told. I haven't riden one, but haven't been held up by one on the road either.

    In either case, you absolutely need to do a test ride to know if they are what you want.

    The "mainly Sunday riding" is a bit of a worry, unless you are really serious about your Sunday riding. Have you done a lot of rider training? Studied up on technique? Learned all you can from other riders? Ride in group rides to compare skills, lines, speed, etc.?

    Both Ducatis (and the RSV4) are serious pieces of equipment. If you aren't serious about your riding, and "just want the fastest" bike, you shouldn't buy any of them.
  12. How often do you ride over 200? A lightish excellent handling 50 odd hp bike is as quick as pretty much anything out there up to that speed when road riding. Other than traffic light drags anyway. If it's not -it's not the bikes fault.
  13. ok dont get me wrong.

    only reason why i even consider the 1198 is back when i 1st chose my 750 from the shop i was worried that 1000s may be abit much.

    i have been riding 7 years and on my 3rd bike now

    sumtimes i think im missing out on sumfin and im worried it be the same if i got the 848. that i would miss out on sumfin bigger.

    ok you all say 250cc is as fast as we would ever need
    but there are Reasons why we go from 600cc to 1000cc

    its the same reason why im here
    it may not be the speed but its also the torque hp and take off that i want from the bigger bike

    my only concern is too much torque that the rear wheel would spin out under me

    750cc is a strong bike but i do feel it lacks alot

    anyhow ill go to the local ducati dealer and ask for a ride
    only way to find out i guess
  14. I own an 848, and on public roads, it has plenty of go.

    When i bought it i did try a few bikes, but the useable power is alot nicer on the 848 then the bigger bikes for the street.

    Best idea is to go test ride every thing you can get your hands on. then choose thou I would hold off, on any duke until the new model comes out in a month or 2. May see then 2nd hand and ex demo prices drop a bit,

    But it isnt just the bike, it is also the rider, eg Last track day , a 250 cc rider was running with the bigger bikes, sure we got him on straights, but damn he got you on brakes and in thru corners.

    when you say feels lacking, try dropping a tooth on front and add on back. Cheaper then a new bike adn it might give it a bit more zip. Sure you loose top end but do you want 200+ all that oftern
  15. any idea when dukes release new models?
    im guessing soon due to fact its always around 3 years when companies release sumfin new. 2009 was the ducati 1198?
  16. I've been riding 29 years, and now I ride a 400. Or my 625 single banger. The fun is not on the straights. You're not missing out on anything. Unless you convince yourself that you are.
  17. Roarin has a point, straights get boring fast, the corners is where i find i grin.

    As per new model, expect it in a few months, probly end of june but ask the dealer for more details.

    Try what you can , i tried a street fighter, monster, 848 from ducati stables.
  18. I reckon its cause it actually requires a fair amount of skill that not everyone has grasped the concept of. Being able to do something better than the next person. Being able to do something that not every tom d*ck and harry can do off the street just by jumping on the bike and twisting the throttle.
  19. There is something to be said about an 849cc twin vs a 750cc inline 4. The twin is going to have a hell of a lot more torque, resulting in a much more satisfying ride on the road.

    Torque is where it's at. Peak HP? Who cares.
  20. Word. I'll take torque over HP any day. Heaps more fun!