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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zetabiker, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hi guys! :grin: i'm sorry but i've no founded in these days in the memberlist anyone that have Ducati or Aprilia bikes... :eek:
    if you want , write me and we can speak about it...i'm italian and i love our bikes :grin:

    Ah , write me for all technical problem if you have it...don't worry i'm a chief motrorbike mechanic in a official aprlia dealer point ,i'm not a beginner , and if i can help you ,for me it's good! :cool:

    sorry for my english but i'll wanna improve it... :p

    have a nice day all!
  2. .. but you ride a Kawasaki????

    There are quite a few Italian bike riders on Netrider, and you'll probably get to meet some of them when you come to Australia.
  3. Hey Zeta, there are plenty of Ducati and Aprilia owners here, check using the Garage search for a start :) Now whether they dare to work on their expensive machines without supervision is another question entirely :LOL:
  4. Hi Zeta, All I want to know right now is why Aprilia is so terrible at supplying parts.
  5. :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Thanks at all for the reply messages :grin:

    now i've tryed to search in the garage and i've founded they! cool!

    for the maintenance of their bikes surely they go at dealer points or good mechanics but 'cause i'm italian maybe i'll say something about new problems or other...if i can help someone...

    to: DEYAGO , yes i know this problem... :( but now aprilia it's a member of Piaggio group spa and the spare parts now are very easy to order...in italy in 2 days you can have all thath you want...it's changed all the system and now is ok! :grin:
  7. ah...i ride a kawasaki 'but it's a bike for beginners.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: kawa have a good engine and a good stability but APRILIA TUONO 1000 R FACTORY is a bike for real men :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: she's extreeeme!
  8. I hope so zeta, I've got a few pieces on order and the mechanics here told me to expect to wait a few months on some parts :roll: . I think part of the problem is the importer John Sample Group aren't proactive enough in getting orders sorted out but I may be wrong.

    I own a Tuono Fighter and I call it Man-bike :LOL: .
  9. Shit zeta! I was checking out your MySpace, you sure have met some impressive motorcycle elite :grin: . I especially like the pic on Casey's bike, I'd sell my right ball to ride that bike :cool: .
  10. I have a question.

    Why are all Aprilia owners such dead set legends, full of tough manly stuff, while all Ducati riders are limp wristed raging poofs?

    I can't understand it?

    Also, why do the stock Brembo discs on a 99 RSV1000 always cause a pulsing at the lever?

    I have had them machined flat once, and the problem seems to come and go.
  11. :rofl:

    I dunno why Elmarco, I dunno why.

  12. I know the answer.....a Honda owner told me.

    The bit about the brakes, not the limp wristed part. Now piss off or I'll hit you with my clutch bag.
  13. I too love Italian bikes. But I love all bikes.

    My aprilia is keeping me pretty happy at the moment though. Even though she is just a baby!
  14. YUP,My Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000 is doin' a mighty fine job too...once I sorted a few electrical & handling problems...but thats just Italian love. :wink: :LOL:
    btw, http://www.apriliaforum.com/ is the one for Aprilia bits. :cool: