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Ducati Multistrada and other learner legal motards?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone know much about this bike?

    I'm liking the idea of a Motard style bike, problem is it needs to be learner legal so my wife can ride it aswell.

    Any other suggestions on a similar bike that would also be learner legal? I think the Aprilia Shivers are to powerful as are the Duke's?
  2. :? Huh?

    A) Motard style bikes? - Hypermotard, BMW HP2, Buell Ulysses, KTM690 & 990 SM (I dont think any of these are LAMS)

    8) Or do you mean bikes with an upright riding style and naked? - What youve listed and way to many more to list.

    Why not go for an actual Motard - plenty of LAM's there*:

    DRZ-SM, KTM640 (and more), Husky's

    * Check State Laws and State approved lists.
  3. I dunno. Is the Multistrada 620 on the LAMS list?
  4. It sounds more like you're after something with dual-sport styling, maybe, rather than truly motard.

    Dunno whether it would qualify for LAMS, but would a Kwaka Versys appeal?

    (I think 620 'strada only qualifies if it's sold in a restricted state of tune...?)
  5. Not sure what was in my post that got you confused?

    1) Multistrada - Any opinions?

    2) Suggestions of similar bikes.

    Your input of bikes was helpful, i looked at a few pics of the KTM640, looks nice!

    I checked the RTA list but it seems that not everything is in there.
  6. The confusing part was the "and other learner legal motards?", since the Multistrada is probably not LAMS approved, and is not a Motard.

    Otherwise, the Multistrada is a great bike, and lots of fun. Shorter people can ride the 620, if your wife has a height disability. At 5'7" I can just comfortably ride the 1000, although I have had both the front and rear lowered a bit.

    I have ridden with a 620 a couple of time recently, and I'm quite amazed at how easily it zips around corners. No effort at all.

    If you want the real gos on Multistradas, get over to www.multistrada.net, or ask Strada Girl about her 620.

    I know there have been problems with the Victorian list, but didn't think there were with the NSW list. So, if a bike is not there, then it's probably not LAMS approved.
  7. The title. Theres a fancy word for it that I dont know... But there is no link between a Multistrada and a Motard - except for possibly that they are both have upright riding styles and the Hypermotard frame design may (and Im only speculating) have been based on the Multistrada's.

    Sorry to take this off topic.
  8. ok gotcha mate :wink:

    I thought the strada was 'kinda/sorta' in the motard family.

    Cheers guys, i'll try and check out a Strada in the next couple of weeks.
  9. The Strada is probably closer to an Enduro riding position, but can be ridden like a Motard. It is a very versatile bike. I was tearing up twisties earlier this week, but also spent some time on slippery newly sealed road, and some dirt as well. Not to mention just a little bit of time spent on a lean through many long sweepers.

    It is certainly worth a good look.
  10. The 620 "lite" Monster is LAMS due to the lower output.

    AFAIK, there is no "lite" Multistrada - shame as they're a good do it all bike
  11. easy

    buy her a Aprilia SXV 550 !I do believe ( in NSW) they are LAMS approved - but shouldnt be.
    A motard will be fine if she's over 6' tall.
    What about a Yamaha WR 250 motard or whatever they are?
    Husky 610 is LAMS too.
    Spoilt for choice
    I'm sure this is a most helpful post!
  12. non sequitur?
    oxy moron?
    contradiction in terms?

  13. Yamaha WR250X
    Suzuki DRZ400SM

    Both would be learner friendly (as opposed to simply LAMS approved).

    SXV jpgibson? You are on drugs. :LOL:
  14. I took a mates XT660 Yamaha for a spin the other night, hell of a lot of bike for a learner legal machine, stacks of torque.
  15. Saw one of these this morning and looked pretty good!

    [edit] just saw devotard mentioned this one above

    Yamaha WR250X
  16. You can put motard rims on almost any off road bike, check out the Talon range among others, also Ballards, alas the LAM side of things no idea, I have a KLX650 on the LAMS list with a motard set up.. very tasty.. soon to be T-Monkey's