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Ducati Multistrada 1200 S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mcsenna, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Benn salivating over these for a couple months now and last night watched a show on 7mate about the Ducati factory. It focused on the production and history of the Multistrada and made me even keener.
    Has anyone owned or ridden one of these, if so be interested in your thoughts.

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  2. I've test ridden one mcsenna. Typical well built Ducati. Good fit and finish. Very nice bike and will probably be my next one too I think. Or a bmw r1200gs. Electronic suspension is good. It really is as they said in that show, a bike that could take on most of the classes of bike. But and this is a big but, it doesn't master any of them and is kind of in the middle.

    The thing handled really well and had plenty of grunt, not unlike my 1098 and with termi pipes nothing beats a note from a Ducati except maybe an rsv4. Nice comfortable riding position and nice seat comfort. All electronic gizmos worked as expected. All in I would have one in a heart beat. Go test ride one. You will probably come home with one.
  3. Thanks Devil, that's the reason I haven't, can't afford it yet and I know if I do I will struggle to say no. Next year, early I hope.
  4. They're a great bike, if your not 100% sure you can afford to own one, then don't test ride.

    Note: I said own, not buy. I'm sure Ducati are getting better with their servicing but, man, they're still f***ing expensive compared to pretty much everything.

    My mistake was I test rode before researching the cost of ownership....
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  5. Get your point, I can afford to own it I just dont want to borrow money to buy it is all. I'm not far off so we will see, lots can happen in 3 or 4 months.
  6. Yeah, I always buy bikes in cash, the on going costs of the Duke were a bit much for my liking (more than I'm willing to spend on a bike anyway).
  7. Couldn't agree more.

    I live in a cash economy myself - cash today is cash tomorrow (more or less, usually less)

    If you squeeze the bottom line to "afford" a bike you won't enjoy it anyway.
    That said - the primary reason I have NEVER ridden a Multi is because I would more than likely break my own rules.

    I very nearly did with the new Hyper1100 EVO ~12months ago.
  8. Toys can be very tempting.
  9. Cash economies are great but I see no problem financing some things. Keeps credit record nice and positive.
  10. I see no point in financing things. It's good for the economy in that more people can buy more stuff they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford (and thereby keep people in jobs), but from an individual's point of view it hardly makes any sense at all. If you can't afford something, well then you can't afford it. It's better to wait till you have the cash ready and buy with cash! Besides more people buying more stuff unreasonably jacks up the prices too.

    As for the running costs, I can't imagine how Ducs could be more expensive to run than any of the Japs if you were to take them to the dealer. My CB cost me around $500 for the 18k service, for the 24k major service I'm now looking at almost $1,500! Don't see how the Italians could be more expensive.

    BTW if I remember correctly Mcsenna, you were in the same situation before you got the CB. You were looking at buying a Duc but then you made a much sensible decision and got the CB (and in the process of doing so achieved absolute awesomeness). I think you're ultimately going to settle for the 1200GS in this instance too! :p

    Here's a video I was watching the other day:

  11. Well I can afford to pay cash or finance so your reasoning is not solid there. Sure there are people who dont live within their means. As an example I own one of my cars and my bike but the other car is financed and I have a mortgage on my house
  12. Good vid Nak, some guys get all the luck. Yes your memory serves you well that is indeed what happened, it was riding position that did it in the end.
    When the dollars are in place the decision will be made, the Duc is the bike of choice right now but I will definately give the BMW a run.
    All this is based on how back surgery goes week after next, a glitch there could throw a spanner in the works, best we don't think about that.
    Back to bikes, if the alps are out for most of us we still have Tassie, can't wait to get back there on one of these bikes.
  13. No problem financing some things, sure, but in my eyes the bike is a toy (despite using it for the commute) and is a depreciating asset.

    Finance on a bike doesn't make sense (before anyone jumps on it I bought my car with cash as well).

    I haven't had to pay a lot of maintenance bills on bikes up til now (all have been under warranty) but this next bike is (in theory) a keeper.

    So, I researched servicing in reasonable detail on the Duke and it was significantly more than a Street Triple, Kawasaki ER-6n and a BMW K1600GT (all bikes I had ACTUAL figures to compare to dealer quotes for the Duke) and the K1300R (prices for the K1300R based on dealer quotes).

    Guess it depends on what your used to....

    Best of luck with the back surgery Mcsenna... When your on the other side of the surgery spanner free and have your financial ducks in a row if you can afford the Multi, you'll love it. Brilliant bike.
  14. Sat on one this morning, very comfy, didn't ride it though.
  15. Credit makes the world go round. To think any differently makes you look pretty stupid. You don't have to use it, but that doesn't mean it cant be used well.

    Anyway, i dont have a whole lot to contribute here, just to say that i really really really want a multistrada and that they are awesome probably. They seem like the perfect bike, so much of the good twisty isolated backroads i like to ride are just in shocking condition, i think that on that kind of surface, the multi would just be the best bike bar none for going quickly over patty caked and potholed goatracks. Add in the touring comfort, 1200cc power, and the ability to at least do a considerably better job than a panigale or a CBR1000RR or my fkn vfr at riding through the many dirt sections we often have to ride in australia to access great roads and you have a pretty perfect bike.

    There was this amazing pikes peak edition on bike sales i was wanking over, it had ohlins gold bling and so much carbon, jesus it was amazing, but, 30k so....yeah better stick to the wanking.

    But that being said you can get them second hand for like 20k if i remember correctly from the last time i looked them up.

    Ive got two years to save though..
  16. Yep multistrada or r1200gs for my nexty. By the time I want one the multi will have the electronic suspension well and truly down
  17. I've had my Multi now for 21 months and put on just over 45K km. Loved every single one of those kms. The ride-by-wire is awesome and it is a bike that can take you almost anywhere.
    The 2013 models have the Skyhook suspension which they say is very good.
  18. You've done well there ? What mode do you spend most of your time in @kma_jg ? Or do you switch around a lot ?
  19. Came up behind a multistrada about 2 months ago. Sat behind for a while but knowing there was an awesome tight twisty section coming up and not wanting risk being stuck behind him, I screamed past in typical small penis style. 2 mins into the twisties and the guy is right up my clacker. Obviously the guy was a much better rider than me so I waved him through not wanting to hold him up. Watching that thing carve up the corners was... interesting. It corners and sticks in a way that a bike that looks like it does has no business doing. Awesome exhaust note too
  20. New,top of the range ones are expensive.
    Better value elsewhere I reckon.