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Ducati Multistrada 1100 2007

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scumbag, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Quick review, ridden from Church St to Port Melbourne and back. Return trip two up.
    Firstly, riding position, quite upright and tall so you can see lots around you. Good wide bars and mirrors with integrated indicators are useful. Good instrumentation.
    Motor. is very quiet and I was expecting more out of it. I have riddent he 1000 motor and it feels punchier. I think it is the combination of too tall gearing and the newness of the bike(200km)
    Brakes are good but not awe inspiring.
    The bike rolls very easily once it is going but can take a bit of work with the gearing. If it was mine that would be changed very quickly along with a set of pipes.
    I do not like the wet clutch, it is hard to get a feel for what it is doing. I prefer the feel of my dry clutch (yes even with its noise) to the feel of the wet one on the MTS.
    I am now wanting to ride the new Hypermotard when it appears later this year. Lighter and with a little more power and a dry clutch. As long as it is not geared for moon shots it should be very entertaining.
    Would I buy one, no I can say I would not.

  2. Mmmmm..... Hypermooootaaaaaard.....

    Ahem. Sorry, er yes. Multistrada. Sounds a bit ho-hum. Pity, I don't mind the idea of those.
  3. Multistrada does sound like a sensible choice in motorbikes. But that hypermotard sounds like the ducks nutz :grin:
  4. Yep it felt soft even compared to my ST2 which is heavier and less horsepower. I really want to ride the Hyper motard
  5. .
    Hypermotard: Isn't it a Multi, but with a lil tank & no fairing.
    Seems like.

    (I bet Ducati will bring out a desmo-due that runs on hydrogen one day, they just wont let go of that motor...)

    I give the thumbs-up to any Multistrada riders I see out, good on 'em for not giving a flying foo on what other people think.
  6. I've had the MS on the purchase radar ever since they came out, but too many factors against it; purchase price; servicing cost; reliability/longevity etc. I can live with the looks, though.
    Test rode one with low k's on it, and there was so much wrong with it it wasn't funny. That really knocked my faith in the product.
    I've read that quality is now much better, and servicing costs recently slashed across the range, so I thought I should really have another look...
    But there's always that nagging worry...
    (jeez, I'm bad enough with a Trumpet - what would I be like with a Duc!)
  7. Yeah good on 'em, I won't get one because of what I think.
  8. I've ridden a 1000 around Winton and while it was comfortable it wasn't really my potato. I'd like to test ride the Hypermotard; it looks a little buck wylde :)cool:) , especially those lil friendly mirrors.
  9. How did I miss this thread?!

    Orrr, come on G, it's not a race bike. But it is fun to ride, comfy, you can tour it, and it goes pretty quick to, especially in the twisty bits, if I try. It doesn't baulk at dirt roads either. :p

    But, the dry clutch on mine was one the the reasons I bought a Ducati. I don't like the idea of a wet clutch, and I hear the effective (perceived)power on the 1100 is down from the 1000.

    Remember all you critics, the ugly duckling turned into a swan, and while the Multistrada is definitely an ugly duckling sitting still, but it is a swan when on the move. :grin: