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Ducati Monster?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wha, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I was thinking to upsizing to the Ducati 695 when I upgrade my licence.
    I like the size, weight, and seat height, not to mention the look.

    I read somewhere that riding one of these in slow traffic can be tricky because of the slipper clutch. Can anyone explain how the slipper clutch is different from non-slipper?

    Also, I know the 696 is coming out soon (mybe the end of the year?). Not sure if I like the new look tank, but the high-rise pipes look pretty spesh. Anyone read up on the specs to see if its a great improvement on the 695?

  2. A slipper clutch only slips under deceleration, and even then there is nearly always a decent amount of engine braking transmitted. I couldn't see a slipper being anything but a good thing in traffic (with the exception of slightly increase clutch wear).
  3. Somewhat off topic, but 695's stock pipes have clearance issues. You might want to consider high-rise cans if you decide to get one.
  4. who leaves stock pipes on a Ducati anyway? :cool:

    you need aftermarket cans, otherwise the coffee dispensing valves wont fit correctly with australian sized cups :p
  5. Wow, thanks supamodel. The Ducati MonsterList site looks good.

    I was thinking of getting high-rise pipes, but if the 696 comes with them already I might just leave them on.

    We'll see. I got a few months yet to think about it (and check out the Duke website - again) :grin:
  6. I have a 695 and I love it. The bike looks great and very easy to ride.

    The only thing that could make this bike difficult in traffic is the very tall gearing, this can be easily overcome by switching the front sprocket from the standard 15 tooth to a 14 tooth one instead. The 14T front is a common mod and Ducati even offer it in their options catalogue so don't worry about people telling you it will destroy your chain.

    The slipper clutch is great and will not cause any difficulty.

    I can't say that I've heard anyone complain about clearance issues with the cans before.

    Ducati maintenance was once expensive enough to require a second loan, but that's no longer the case.

    Bear in mind that this bike does have an O2 sensor that can't simply be unplugged without hampering performance, there is no power commander option for this bike so if you want to put a different exhaust on the bike you are pretty much limited to the ECU / Airbox / Exhaust upgrade from Ducati, which is about a $2000 option, although I know people have got it from the states for around $1400. If you put aftermarket cans on this bike with the standard ECU it will run lean and behave like a pig.

    If this is a concern to you then I'd recommend the S2R 800 as it does not have an O2 sensor. Overall the cost of a power commander plus aftermarket exhaust won't save you much compared to the Ducati option, so I don't see it as a big issue.

    In terms of the 696, it has a more powerful engine, with a totally new electronics package. It would not be hard to argue that the 696 is a better bike, but the styling is very different to the traditional monster. If I had the choice between the 695, the 800 and the 696 again today I think I'd still pick the 695; I'd choose the 800 over the 696 though.

    The Monster is a fun bike no matter which you choose, the DML has heaps of good info so you will be able to make a well informed choice if you are prepared to do a bit of research.
  7. Does anybody know when the 696 is going on sale here and how much it's going to be going for?
  8. Last I heard was there wouldn't be any delivered before December, and same price as the 695 ($12995 + ORC). I'm down for a testride when they come in.
  9. some (most) find the hydraulic clutch heavy and so not very traffic friendly

    it is not too uncommon to change the slave cylinder to get around this.

    maybe the 696 one will be better as i have found the one on my 848 ok.

    also dropping a tooth on the front sprocket to a 14T makes it much more streetable
  10. $13k is pretty good. I'd been considering one the for the upgrade in September, but December is a bit of a wait.
  11. how much is the 800 ?
  12. This may be the case on the dry clutch Monsters, but it certainly isn't the case on the 695 or the 800.
  13. 800's been discontinued with the introduction of the 696, their RRP was $14995 + ORC. Availability basically will be dealers with some sitting on the floor AFAIK.

    Indeed. The wet-clutched Ducatis(*) have a lovely clutch pull and are very nice in traffic.

    (*) - anything lower than 800cc and 2 valves + 848 superbike + 1100 Multistrada + some of the SportClassics e.g. GT1000. I only speak of modern bikes.
  14. HA! I thought that salesman was a little too enthusiastic.
    I went to the Ducati shop on Parramatta Rd, Homebush late last year and he told me they weren't making 695's anymore and that it was replaced by the 696 in '08.
    He tried to get me to sign up for a 695 on the spot. It was very tempting, but a bit out of my budget at the time.
    I suppose it's his job, but he wasn't entirely truthful which makes me annoyed. I guess he thought because I'm female he could say anything and I'd believe it.
  15. Good bike. Personally I'm waiting for the SR4 version due at some point, as the 696 is underpowered.
  16. i can't wait for the 696 to be released. it's on my upgrade shortlist (which is actually a very long list) but i think it's gonna take the cake. Looks absolutely gorgeous IMHO, even though purists hate the lack of a full trellis frame.

    imagine one with the same colour scheme as a s4rs except with black wheels and termi pipes. [-o<
  17. There are two things that shit me about it:
    1. the monobrow on the headlight
    2. the funny exhaust routing will make servicing the bottom belt... fun.
  18. It might be 10 or so hp down on other small nakeds, but it's got 20nm more than a Street Triple. And don't hold your breath for an S4R, Ducati have said they're not making a new one.
  19. There are more than two things that shit me about it:

    - That new stupid ugly headlight - there was nothing wrong with the one they had.

    - The combo of trelis frame/aluminium subframe which look completely different and make the bike look disjointed as if it was made up of two separate bikes. There was nothing wrong with the frame they had.

    - Above all, yet another stupid, ugly, pointless, unreadable and annoying digital display - Ducati seems really fond of them these days and sticks them on all of their new models: 1098, Hypermotard and now Monster. This is a horrible trend and it must be stopped at all cost!!!! Besides there was nothing wrong with the clocks they had.

    Basically, I think there was nothing wrong with the Monster as it was - it looked distinct, elegant and timeless. The new 696 loses all of these attributes for the sake of 'me too' trendiness that will be out of date by this time next year. Terrible. This is possibly the worst makeover in the history of motorcycling - sure we've had some doozies over the years, but few of them started out as one of the best looking bikes in history, only to end up looking like a piece of cheap shit.

    ... I feel better now :)