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Ducati Monster/Streetfighter question for Mirror mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by EnigmaOMC, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone own any of the current ducati streetfighter or monster models? Or even have access to one. I'm looking to get some measurements of the following part highlighted in red. I'm thinking of swapping the mirrors on the street triple r i have for the current ducati monster mirrors and would like to know the measurements before i outlay the cash and get the ducati mirrors. Heres the pic. The part is the side of the clamp where the mirrors are mounted to.


    Thanks in Advance.
  2. did you find the info? I can have a look at mine tonight.
  3. If you could have a look and take a few measurements for me that would be very much appreciated.
  4. Very interested in knowing also! I have the oem mirrors already for my R but figuring out how to mount them has become a pain - short of buying that (rear) part of the clutch/brake perches.
  5. im even contemplating having them custom made if need be.
  6. I've dummy fitted them up long before I saw actual photos of them on a bike & they look absolutely horn!! Triumph definitely stuffed up in the mirror department! I've just been too lazy to source what I actually need to do it!!! Why couldn't they just have 8mm perches to start with!!?
  7. i have the r also and the same colour too. I'll let you know how i go.
  8. Go for bar-ends, they look sooooo much better. Ducati mirrors are also customarily crap to see out of.
  9. To put it bluntly, your opinion is just like an asshole (or to be nice, your eyes or your nose, etc.) mate, everyone has one!! To be quite honest, I personally think bar-ends look VERY tacky, change the aesthetics of the bike too much & don't give your hands enough freedom around the bars.


    P.s: watching wishfully, hoping you find an answer I don't have to go searching for!
  10. well i will know soon enough and btw i don't want bar ends because i don't think they suit the street triples style. They are fine on say a thruxton but oin the street triple i personally don't like them. That's my opinion...
  11. How did you end up going with this?!! I've been flat out with uni & haven't got around to finding the solution to fitting these. The closest I got was some kind of helicoil to reduce the inner thread size but they don't stock anything in OZ in the rightthread diameters & more specifically the pitch.

    My other solution was to replace the rear half of the clamp, but again nothing in the catalogues that have an 8mm thread diameter. :(

    Other quickly discounted ideas were to drill out the hole to accept a 10mm bolt but that would just get rid of the little bush/collar in them meaning that only plastic would end up surrounding them & thus end up cracking.

    Final solution would be to get just the back half of the ducati clamps, assuming they are 50/50 clamps like the street triple. If they weren't, then something custom would have to be made OR replace the whole arrangement along with the levers, etc. May as well buy a duke! :p

    Let me know if you did find a solution as I'm sick of staring at them still wrapped up in my room! Lol

  12. Dunno if you ended up solving this at your end, but I certainly have. I had a real good look at my mirrors (OEM and not the eBay ripoffs), and made the decision that there was enough meat in the inner bush to just drill it out to accept an M10 hex-type bolt. This created another issue though in that the only size hex-heads available in M10 have a head too large to fit in the cutout of the mirrors. A little bit of machining later (yet to anodize or paint the bolts) and they fit right in! ;)

    If you wanted to go M8 bolts and not have to drill out the mirrors, Brembo sell the back half of the clamps, but they're a whopping $40 a piece!!!! :|

    Overall, a steady hand (drilling the mirrors out) and sourcing the bolts locally stocked set me back about an hour of work in the end and only $4 for the bolts!

    I'll get some pics up soon hopefully! They look sooooo much better AND are actually functional in that visibility is equal, if not better.