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Ducati Monster on L's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Hey all, ive got R-date licence but i really wanna upgrade my bike and guess i should prob go the legal way and get a bike that is LAMS approved. Anyone know anythign about the LAMS approved ducati monster 600? Just wondering if ANY 600/620 monster is approved or if there is a specail engine resricted version?

    Cheers :cool:
  2. There is a special version that is LAMS approved. The 600 never came out with one but the 620ie definately has.
    It has a different map in it as well as a restrictor on the throttle bodies.
  3. What's this LAMS thing anyway? I've not heard of it (I'm from the Sunshine State though...)
  4. So its a piece of shit then? And guessing they arent exactly easy to come by 2nd hand.
  5. I would not say they were a piece of >>>>. They have the same suspension and brakes as the standard one. In fact the differences are quite minor.
    As for second hand ones that is something I cannot help with.
  6. the only difference is a throttle restrictor on the LAMS version. stops you putting more than tzenty percent throttle on.
  7. The very latest Monster, however, I believe is 695ccs and 'breaks out' of the LAMS bracket on power to weight.
    If Ducati have done their sumns right there shouldn't be ANY 620 Monsters on the scecond-hand market, because the idea is for people to de-restrict them and KEEP them.

    Lectre, LAMS is a process of restricting the power-to-weight ratio of bikes over 250 ccs to enable people to ride them while on restrictions, then 'open them up' to their full power (usually by tweaking with the carbies or throttle) and keep them as full 600cc bikes when on full license. The scheme operates in NSW, Tassie and was recently introduced in SA (?)....
  8. up to 660cc, I believe.


    I don't believe 20%. the 620M is a pretty gutless thing, in standard form, so you wouldn't need to knock much off the top to make it meet the power/weight restriction.
  9. ACT has a similar thing, except there's no limit on CC :grin:
  10. Yeah, the restriction on the Monster is only a bar that is pop rivited to the chassis which stops the throttle valve from being open the whole way, and to derestrict the bike all you have to do is drill out the rivet and bam, de restricted. :) I would say it is worth a look in.
  11. I would ride one if I was allowed, but it's a 2fiddy for me :-(
  12. I dunno, Sgt Scumbag said (above) that the engine mapping is different too.

    And I refuse to believe that the authorities DON'T know where the LAMS bikes have been sold, and their registration plate details.
  13. Theoretically, when a LAMs bike gets derestricted (legally, by an approved type guy), they are supposed to inform the RTA, and the bike then has it's LAMs classification removed on the RTA records. The de-restrictee is supposed to show their full licence before anything happens to prove they are allowed to ride a full power 600...

    That's all "theoretical" though...
  14. Problem is you cant re-restrict them, once you take it off its just another standard one.
    Restricted have good resale, but theres no demand for the unrestricted so your wiping a few thousand off its value. (If you have it done properly at dealer, do it off the books and it will remain registered as a LAMS)

    Better to sell the LAMS and get a secondhand standard one, pocket the difference in cash.
    Or, get a different bike with more go.
  15. Well I was talking to a guy at Action MC and he said that all they do to derestrict the bike is take the plate out.
  16. why not?
  17. I was going to ask the same quesiton. If all you have to do is refit a detente plate (and perhaps re-map the computer) for the Monster, and refit a set of carbie slides for the Hyosung, what's difficult about that?
  18. Exactly. If I were going to buy one ot the hyosungs, I would buy the Learner version, and have it de-restricted, so I could sell it as a learner legal bike later.
  19. The Hyosungs are supposedly pretty easy to re-restrict, while I was getting my bike pink slipped a guy got his Hyosung re-restricted and was done before I was out of there. :p
  20. It's not that you physically can't re-restrict the bikes, it's that the RTA (in NSW) won't let you change the registration back from full power to LAMS. Once it's been unLAMSed, that's it.

    I foresee in a year or two a glut in the market of sub-legally de-restricted LAMS bikes being sold to learners... Kind of defeats the purpose of having LAMS at all really...