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Ducati Monster Lams

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ursus, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I once heard that Ducati is a strange beast: cool to ride, but unreliable and expensive to maintain. Has anyone had Monster 659 and what is the opinion?

    I have this dilemma. I got my P in June. I had Yamaha V-Star which wasn't comfortable for me to ride. Now I am looking for a naked/sports cruising bike. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone and try buy a LAMS bike which I will be likely to keep after I get full license in June next year. I wonder if Ducati monster could be it. My next choice is Ninja 650 ABS. On the weekend I am planning to ride both and get a feel.
  2. Just buy a vtr and sell it and upgrade when off restrictions, be way cheaper. They dont lose money, Ducs do.
  3. Plenty of posts on here about the 659 including costs of ownership etc and reliability. Shout up if you need anything specific
  4. I beg to differ. I had a 600 Monster Dark on my restrictions. Approximately 10 months later and several thousand kilometers I sold it for $100 less than the original price only becuase the buyer didn't stuff me around and did as he said.
    And he had to pay for shipping interstate and I cashed my rego in.

    Most LAMS bikes hold their value as everyone has to start on them. Something a little more desireable that is a little older has already done the majority of its depreciation. Ninja's, CBR's and VTR's are a dime a dozen, far easier to negotiate a better deal with so many for sale at once.
  5. I really meant TCO anyway.
  6. WTF does TCO mean? Obviously I'm not a big enouhg nerdrider yet...
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  7. I couldn't find much on the forum. The average service for a Jap bike is about $300, so I was wondering if Duc is more and by how much. Also, if it is suitable for daily commute and weekend long(isn) rides.
  8. There are facts and there are biases. I will present both.

    Fact - A modern ducati will never be as reliable as a modern Yamaha / Kawasaki / Honda.

    Having said that it doesn't necessarily mean you don't buy a Ducati. People buy Ducs for lots of reasons. Character, Brand, Prestige and all those abstract things. Buy a duke if you really want one. But if you do don't worry too much about reliability. If you want an absolute work horse of a bike, get a jap bike. Yamaha FZ6R or Ninja 650RL.

    Bias - Buy a Kawasaki. everything else is shit.

    Kapeesh? :D
  9. (puts flame suit on as he watches the Ducati/Euro brigade come down upon him) :p
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  10. Is there really such a thing as a Lams bike you keep?
    Why not get an older VTR (similar trellis frame, L-twin, but far less character obviously) on the cheap, sell it for similar to that you bought it then splash on a 696/796/1100 monster in June? Which is, to be realistic, not all that far away.

    Worth noting that does work both ways- when he buys and when he sells.
  11. Why would he do something daft like that :p

    In all seriousness, the Monster will cost a bit more to maintain. On modern Ducs such as the 659 a major service (12,000kms/2 years) will cost around $800 with a standard oil service in between. Also look at the difference in insurance between the bikes you are looking at.
  12. A Ducati is not for everyone.
    Thankfully you are one of them.
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  13. The CB400 will destroy any Monster out there, so the choice is yours :)
  14. S4RS ?
  15. [quote="Vertical C, post: 2462232, member: 23427] TCO is Total Cost of Ownership.

    What do you want included? Should I factor my own labour costs in maintaining the bike?
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    Are they lams legal?

    What do you want included? Should I factor my own labour costs in maintaining the bike?[/quote]

    Are you going to help the op service his bike? Otherwise your labour is irrelevant.
  17. For that they have the CB1000R :LOL:
  18. Your cb thingy and up you a D16
  19. The VTR250 is the Honda micro Monster. If you're city riding it's perfect, especially for stop/start traffic. Open roading it's great too, happily sits on 100. It's an easy transition to the Monster, riding position is basically the same.

    I've upgraded to the Monster 696, pretty much as soon as I was licensed to ride it. It's awesome to ride. Long rides are smooth and easy. The power in the bike makes it easy to cruise on 110, where that is the speed limit. I have noticed that it gets mighty hot if we get stuck at the traffic lights. I won't be using this bike for peak hour traffic where I can avoid it.

    If you are in Sydney my VTR250 is for sale. I'll be putting it in the Bikes for Sale section as soon as my Membership status comes through. PM me for details if you're interested.