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Ducati Monster in Alanis Morisette clip

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. #1 Ktulu, Apr 3, 2007
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  2. She aint no Fergie :p :) :)
  3. Gayest shizzle eva.

    Not even the mighty Duc can save that song...

    "Stinky Britches, you've got stinky britches..."
  4. I think it's a pretty good piss take. Alanis is not everyone's cup of tea but I shake my head when 10 year old girls sing about their humps. If you have daughters you will know what I mean. :wink:
  5. No, Alanis actually has some decent vocal skills. :LOL:
  6. I rate [​IMG] way more than [​IMG]
  7. I find it hard to go past any morisette acoustic. Her voice whilst irritating to others, carries some level of emotion you don't see in 90% of voice talent these days. It has an appeal all of its own. And she's hawt...
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    I like it! :LOL:
    By the way Alanis rocks! Especially in this clip. [media=youtube]b1WJlxjxAZE[/media] iof you squint real hard............................................. :grin:
  9. Classy, that fergie:


    "My Humps" is possibly the second most disgraceful piece of pop music I've heard, behind that "grillz" song.
  10. :rofl: @ Alanis
    Ewww! @ Fergie
  11. Alanis walks into a bar, bartender says "Why the long face..."
    I thought you were talking about Princess Fergie, man, I am out of touch these days!
    Princess Fergie was hawt when she was younger and cuddly, but maybe I have ecclectic tastes.........

    Regards, Andrew.