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Ducati Monster Cutting Off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RSE, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just recently purchased a 2005 Ducati Monster 620ie, I bought the bike on Sunday and i was riding it for the second time on tuesday when out of nowhere the bike shut off as i was riding down to the city.

    I stopped and tried starting the bike again only to find that it would not start, after 5 minutes i tried again and it started up, i jumped on it. took off and rode 3 minutes up the road to find that the same thing happened again. For about an hour it continued to do this as i was trying to get the thing back home.

    When it switched off, it wasnt like it was running out of petrol or anything on those lines it simply just turned off leaving the power on and all..

    I got it home and on wednesday i had it towed to my mechanic who is looking over it and they suspect it might be the crank sensor but will continue looking to be sure... just wanted to get some feedback guys and see what your thoughts were, it is due for a service which is booked in for today but they are obviously trying to resolve this problem first...

    has anyone else had this problem or could someone tell me if it is the crank sensor what that could cost to repair.

    thank you

  2. It could be a number of things - I think the last thing I remember reading came down to a faulty switch on the side stand - is the monster one of those beasts that cuts out if the side stand is down?
  3. aaaah tho joys of italian bike ownership. Sounds like dodgy wiring if its not chugging or anything like that.
  4. Isnt there a regulator problem with some of the Ducati's?
  5. So has the bike been sitting for a while, unused? That can create all sorts of issues.

    Is the fuel old or dirty. Is the fuel filter clogged up and restriciting fuel flow? Are all fuel lines, such as the ones inside the tank, in good condition?

    But, it is most likely an earthing problem. Ducatis needs to have their earth connections checked, cleaned, and tightened every now and then, based on the stories I read. I had a problem with one of mine once. Cleaned and tightened, no problem since.

    There is more than one earth on a Ducati. The battery earth of course, engine earth, and various bits that need power, need to be earthed.

    But it does sound a bit like a CPS (Crank Position Sensor) problem. That could be just general dirt and gunk around the CPS, or the air gap CPS to gear teeth is wrong (too close, too far), or the CPS may just not be earthed or connected properly. If the ECU doesn't get a signal from the CPS, it shuts down fuel delivery.

    The fact that it starts after it cools down implies a heat related problem, such as a bad connection that gets worse on expansion due to heat. But the Ducati ECU also uses a different fuel mix when the engine is "cold", so it could be fuel related, or tune related.

    One guy on the Yahoo ST2 owners group recently said he fixed this problem by getting his ECU reprogramed to remove the red key functionality and upgrade to a Ducati Performance program, and has never had the problem again! That is a serious commitment to fixing a problem, or over the top overkill.

    Regardless, I'm sure your mechanic will find the problem.
  6. Hey yeh it is one of the bikes which if you are in first gear the bike will not start with side stand down...