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VIC Ducati Monster 696 - Hawthorn

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by AcidTrip, May 22, 2016.

  1. My poor baby, Sophia II was stolen from out the front of my house last night. Literally 5m from my front door while I was still home. Didn't hear a thing and the dogs didn't even bark. All I'm left with is my key in my pocket haha.

    Items that make it stand out;
    - Custom number plate, gold on black, AMD89
    - Termi pipes
    - Raised handle bar kit with bar-end mirrors
    - Heated grips with chrome activation switch mounted on handlebar
    > On this, I Have used blue electrical tape to waterproof the controls on the left hand side near the steering stem. Pretty obvious.
    - DP lowered seat

    Praise the gods I have it fully insured but still, if you see it on the road please run it over. Clearly stolen for parts as I have both keys on my desk at the moment.

    Images here;

    Note that the white rim tape isn't on the bike anymore.
  2. Dirty scum - this resonates as the other half has a 696 too.

    Hope you get it back and in the same nick, but good to hear you're insured if not...

    Shit I just realized who you are - I borrowed your pipes earlier this year! Sucks man, can't believe these bastards....
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  3. Yep! You saw where my bike was parked. Was taken from there last night while I was home. Guess I'll have to invest in a good gorilla nut to chain the next bike up every night!
  4. Invest in a Rottweiler that sleeps outside and a shotgun...
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  5. sorry to hear it, bloody scumbags should get a job and pay for their own shit instead of upsetting others lives.
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  6. bastards!
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  7. Mudderfockers...
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  8. I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits....
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  9. I hate those bastards!

    on a brighter note, if the insurance pays you out are you going to buy another 696?
  10. was that quote by Klinger from MASH?
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  11. Unsure. I don't like the stock Monster seating position. This one had the raised handlebar kit, lowered seat, and Termis. There are none on the market like it and they haven't depreciated any since I bought mine 18 months ago! Then there's all the other mods. Money money money.

    Will be hard to stray from the marque though. I'm a mammoth Ducati fan ...
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  12. ...and their crotch.

    At the same time.

    Then I hope their fingers fall off..
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  13. I don't know, my dad said it was an old Arabic curse the Aussie solders brought back from the first world war..
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  14. Man that sucks she's a great looking bike.

    Hope the fcukers get what's coming slowly and painfully
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  15. Thanks JeffcoJeffco

    Filed the insurance claim this morning, they'll be sending an assessor around to collect the keys and supporting paperwork.

    I do hope it turns up somewhere in the next few weeks in a repairable state. The more I browse bikesales the more I realise I'd rather have it back instead of going through the hassle of buying another bike and modifying it all over again.

    One thing is for sure; I am concreting in an anchor point to lock the next bike to. In the meantime, I am kicking it on a mates 2004 Aprilia Scarabeo 50cc. Might have to bring it down to Sat practice just to throw through the cones for a laugh!
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  16. Sucks. Sorry to hear. My car lives outside while the bike is snug and warm in the garage.
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  17. No garage at mine BerekBerek so I had it on a funny angle with the steering lock engaged and a disc on the rear wheel. Did nothing. Next one gets bolted to the concrete.
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  18. Also start researching locking methods and materials that cannot be easily cut with bolt cutters.
  19. Mate. Sorry to hear about your bike. Mine lives on my front verandah, but I've dyna bolted one of these SCA Motorcycle Wheel Chock, Multifit - Supercheap Auto in to the concrete, then run a chain through the font wheel and padlock it to the wheel chock. All up I think it cost me about $300 after hiring a hammer drill.

    But nobody will be taking my baby, at least not with the front wheel!
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  20. A lot of research will be done over the next few weeks while I'm awaiting a payout. If I had chained it already, I'd still have it.

    Still hasn't sunk in that it's gone!