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Ducati Monster 695 derestriction

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jakeelven1, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows how to derestrict a ducati 659 monster
    Thanks in advance

  2. Is it a software Ecu based restriction or a mechanical restriction ??
  3. I suppose you need to work out in what way it's restricted. It's certainly down on power compared to a 696 but it also has a longer stroke. I did feel the throttle on a 659 and it felt it didn't turn around fully.

  4. Restricted two ways:
    1.Throttle stop (which obviously reduces the amount the butterfly's open on the throttle body); and,
    2. ECU

    You can get a dremel and neatly remove the tab on the throttle stop rather than bending, also get the termis (with new ECU and filter) which also do the ecu.
  5. If your good on the tools it's easy to workout what to do and remove the mechanical restriction .

    But if it's Ecu based well I guess your dead in the water and gotta go to dealer to remove it .
  6. I don't think there is any ECU restriction besides the crappy air/fuel mapping due to European E3 emission restrictions - the termi, air filter and DP ECU helped with that on my bike.

    Otherwise, it is a sleeved version of the 696 engine with an added throttle restrictor to get bike below power/weight ratio for LAMS. Throttle restrictor can be removed to give full throttle action, but will make it uncompliant with LAMS and effect resale value.
  7. Easy, sell and buy a used 695 or 696.

    Seriously, why wouldn't you? You will end up with cash in your pocket and more performance. But if you like wasting money, go right ahead and derestrict.
  8. rather than dremal the tab off, just dremal a slot in the top screw of the restricting plate, take out the screw push the plate to the side a bit.
    Put a new screw in the old hole, so when the time comes to sell, you just push the plate back and screw it back in and its still restricted.
    Easy to do and reversible.
    The bike is SOOO much better this way!