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Ducati monster 695 Cosmetic Mods, opinions welcome

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by coylesolid, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, just brainstorming a few minor cosmetic mods for a ducati monster 695 1997 model, i've done up a image in photoshop.

    basically, subframe (i think thats what its called) repaint to gold, chop down the ugly rear fender and pop on some smaller mirrors.

    anybody done anything cool to a monster, any suggestions for me, any to show off ?

    also, what sort of money does it cost to repaint a bike like in the image, any good mirrors to use?


  2. The photoshop pic looks better than the stocker for sure, but what I was wondering is: Do you already own a 695 & would you be doing the dis/assembly yourself?
    . As for $$, well, you’ll best ask a painter how much to sandblast & repaint a Duc Monster frame. You’ll have to deliver it without a ‘bike’ attached though & that’s the big job you’re looking at.

    Also the rear chop you’re looking at will involve hacksawing part of said rear frame (not sure if you can call it a ‘sub’frame if it is all one piece with the main frame.
    Do this before the paint job.

    I like a black frame on these things myself:

    Mirror alternatives can be Googled:, here’s one I’ve prepared earlier:

    Looks go along way to a bike’s desirability (I should know, just after buying my Honda Hornet 900 2nd hand I modded the exhaust, re-did the rear fender & fitted ultra-low h’bars), but something like the Monster 695 would really go well with aftermarket exhausts, maybe even have the rear shock ride height increased for greater ground clearance & slight geometry changes for sharper steering.

    I also like the whole clip-on handlebar ‘café racer’ look thing as well which might translate well to the 695.
    http://cdn-7.psndealer.com/e2/dealersite/images/martineurosports/1 ducati monster 620r350.jpg

    But hey, yeah that looks the business right there.
  3. i'm getting a 695 in the next couple of days. i reckon i don't know enough about bikes to do a complete dissasemble for the repaint. well deassembling would be easy, just the assembling part might be a bit of trouble aha.

    had a look at the fender eliminator here ---> http://www.1tail.com/sa/cart/detail.asp?pg={FE50C7E1-B092-4EB7-94DE-8767EC7C6721} looks straightforward enough.

    That mirror you showed looks awesome, do you have a writeup or any pics of your honda ? how much did that all set you back?

    The clip-ons are sweet, seen some good ones on sv650 nakeds, would be good if i wanted to make the 695 a bit more sporty.

    was also looking at possible dual headlights, bit like the street triple --> http://ausfr.com.au/cart/shopexd.asp?id=115

    what are some good exhausts, and ones that would suit a monster?
  4. If you get a 695 and care about it running properly, you are pretty much limited to the Ducati Performance Exhaust / ECU kit. If you just slap after-market cans on there it'll run lean and cause you grief.

    Click on my garage link to see my 695.
  5. cheers bangalla, nice 695 mate. the mirrors are very nice, where'd ya pick those up from?