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Ducati Monster 659 LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lazy Libran, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Its finally HERE


    Saw the Red one @ Ducati Ringwood today at lunch and it was love at first sight (yes, such things do exist).

    Now what do I do with my Yamaha?? :D

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  2. Looks great. However, $13k on a hobbled bike? Seems crazy to me!

    The CB400 I bought was getting up into the 'you sure you wanna pay this much for your 1st bike!?' territory. But at least it's unrestricted and decent in resale.

    That said, this thing looks bloody sexy!

    Edit: Just re-read the link. Thats $13k before onroads etc for the Non-ABS model for a introductory price.
    This clearly isn't aimed at the younger end of the market :p
  3. Yeah I read about that in a magazine the other week.
  4. i really love the look of the monster, $13K is a lot for a learner bike though. The monster 696 is only a grand or so more than the learner duc. If i was going to buy one I would wait until I was on a full licence and get the 696.
  5. I agree its a bit steep. The one @ Ringwood was listed at $14300 or something (cant remember), which is overpriced for the LAMS market but it does look sweet.

    I wish I'd some spare moolah lying around somewhere.
  6. Got mine 2 weeks ago. Yes I'm an older learner - turning 40 in a few months. I love Ducati's and a mate has a 696 so when I heard they were bringing the 659 LAMS in I put down a deposit for one.

    Mine's black as pictured above. I absolutely love it. I know it's a bit of $$ for a LAMS bike but I plan to keep it for a while even after I'm off my L's.
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  7. Congrats dude! No doubt it'll be a fun ride :)

    I think you'll be trading it in as soon as you're off restrictions though ;)

    I thought my CB400 was pleeeenty fast to keep me ticking over after restrictions. But I'm already plotting and planning bike #2 and I've only had a licence for 800km :p
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  8. doesnt matter if others think its too expensive ducm3, as long as you like it and are happy to pay the cash thats all that matters.....enjoy the ride mate.
  9. Congrats on the purchase, ducm3. I always had a fascination for Triumph's & Ducatis (After Yamaha that is). How does yours ride? How many K's have you done? I might go back and ask for a demo ride. It does look COOL. Wait, I 've said that before. Ah, doesnt matter! :D
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  10. What this guy says is very true. Despite myself saying it's very expensive for a LAMS bike. It's probably the best LAMS bike out there,

    Don't take it as a personal judgement - I bought a $57k V8 commodore last year and I'm preeeetty damn sure that was more silly (like actually stupid silly, not fun/cool silly) than $13k on a Duke ;)

    /end clarification :)
  11. EXACTAMUNDO. I would've probably gone for this bike as well if I hadn't got my Yamaha V-Star 2 months ago.

    No price tag on passion, mate! ENJOY every km on it. Maybe ride down all the way to Melbourne so we can have a look (& feel) of it as well.
  12. Cheers for the comments guys. I test rode a few other bikes and briefly owned a CB400 before I got the M659, but none compared. The sound alone is worth the extra dough!! On the day I bought it, after I got home I went into my garage 3 times that night just to turn on the ignition to hear that amazing L-twin sound.

    So far I've done around 200 km and it has a fair bit of grunt. The running in schedule recommends to not go over 5500 rpm for the first 1000km so that's taking a fair bit of willpower to not exceed it.
  13. Can I ask how it's limited? Does it get to a certain RPM and then just stop? Or Physical restrictor on the throttle? Combination of the two?
  14. I know exactly what you mean! I did the same thing 2 months ago when I my new bike. I had the Vance & Hines pipes fitted so I would just go into the garage to see how the bike looked.

    To break in the engine properly, just ride around. When I got mine, I spent the entire weekend riding around the neighborhood at varying speeds. I wanted that 1000 K crossed as quickly as possible.
  15. What a beautiful machine! It could be safe to say there not aimed at the younger learner rider's but give them 5 years & these secondhand will be the thing to be seen on.

  16. There's a physical restrictor on the throttle, but I have heard (but not confirmed) that there's a limitation on the ECU as well.
  17. That is just gorgeous!

    Couldn't have afford it anyway as the learner bike, but looking at the 696 as an upgrade in the next 18 months. Hopefully they would have come down in price a little by then.
  18. Check if you've got any super you don't know about
  19. $13k if you have the bike for the full 4 years as a "learner" rider (L's + P's) probably isn't too bad a price too pay

    if you compare it to another LAMS bike's brand new...like the Ninja ($7000??)..then yeah it starts to look expensive

    but good on Ducati for tapping the market...somehow i don't see there being a Triumph LAMS Street Triple or a Suzuki LAMS GSX-R 600.
  20. More like $14K+ as I saw it yesterday for the non ABS model. The ABS model will be tad more IMO. Even then for someone who wants a good bike after getting off restrictions and is not a daily rider, this is an excellent investment.

    Also comes with Ducati's 24 HR Emergency Roadsid Assistance.

    But its good that Ducati is tapping into the market and I think it will hold its resale value well in the long run.