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Ducati Monster 659 Decal Problem

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wild Monster, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hello there,

    I have recently got the matt black Monster 659 and have noticed that the decals on the fuel tank started to pill off! See photo attached.

    I have initially contacted my dealer in September 2011 and they said that Ducati has rejected the warranty claim even though its clearly a manufacture fault.

    Does anyone else have this problem???

    It's frustrating that Ducati ignore the problem for nearly 3 months. You'd thought that Ducati being a premium brand would have handle it better.

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  2. They look like stickers, so peel them off, demand another set.
    Or even better, just peel them off permanently.
  3. woah, that's shocking! I'd demand them to be replaced and clear coated over. If you wanted to keep them on ;)
  4. That's odd! Never seen something like this before. Keep calling them. Or try calling the Ducati Ringwood store.
  5. I'm considering giving Gabriele del Torchio a piece of my mind and tell him what a shithouse scumbag the Ducati service is...maybe he will offer me a free upgrade to the 1199 Panigale;)

    And if that doesn't work...can we swap bikes? lol
  6. That is very poor.

    Having bought the Duc from a Honda dealer I assume it was a traded bike?
    Are you outside or within the 3month warranty period?
  7. Metro Honda in VIC are Ducati dealers as well.
  8. Definitely pester the crap out of the dealer, even if you're outside your warranty.. if you were within it when you made the initial complaint they'll find it harder to wave you off. From my experiance, persistence eventually pays off.
  9. I should clarify, the problem is with Ducati, not my dealer. Ducati rejected the warranty even though its clearly a manufacture problem. My dealer said that few other matt black ones also had the same problem and they are waiting for more riders to report the problem so that the Ducati Australia (Fraser Motorcycle) actually take notice.
  10. I stand corrected - never knew - as you were :D
  11. Old mate had an old monster. Circa 2002. Bought it new from frasers wollogong. Rode it for a while and got a tank bag. Magnets did the same thing to his bike. Actually moved some letters. Why they don't clear coat them is beyond me.
  12. That's really terrible!

    All of the red/white bikes have a clear coat on the decals, perhaps it has something to do with the matt black finish..
  13. WE have a winner!That makes total sense.
  14. Updated with some good news
    The Australian Ducati distributor has finally agreed to replace the decal 6 months after the initial lodgement, with me threatening to go to VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal) on the matter.
    All in all, a good result albeit some hard process.
    On the positive, the dealership Metro Motorcycle (Ringwood) has been very professional and helpful in getting the warranty issue resolved so I’d definitely go there again…if I still want another Ducati that is.

    Ride Safe.
  15. All good then. :)