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Ducati Monster 620

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. I have just come off my Ps after a year on a 50cc scooter and so have an unrestricted licence now. I did the Ls on the CB250. I was thinking about buying a VTR 250 or the Hyosung GT250R (which seems to be very cheap for what you get).

    Today at the Sydney motor show I was checking out the monster. It is the most comfortable bike I have sat on as I am quite short.

    So my question is, is this ok to learn on or is it too powerful? I know you can get it restricted but I dont see the point if I have a full licence.

    Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Why don't try the Hyosung 650 Comet?
  3. Lesee
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    Hi I ride a ducati
    Hi I ride a Hyosung.
    you do the working out.
  4. As long as you can afford the service and parts cost of the Ducati you will get the upside of owning one... which is as Smee pointed out the 'nice bike' feeling.

    But lets be honest about this... Ducati servicing costs are more expensive and so are parts.
  5. jeez, smee, it's a bit unfair bringing logic and emotion into the argument. :p

    yeah, ric, what they heck, get a ducati, the birds love 'em
  6. Actually I was told by an MRA member there is a place in Vic at least where the Ducati servicing is reasonably affordable (as opposed to everywhere else that it isn't).

    Thinking about the 900 Monster myself one of these days :)
  7. Not sure if I can afford it but I just coudnt believe how comfortable it was to sit on (I am only 5'4).

    Just concerned as this will be my first bike and some people have told me to stick to a 250. Others have said a reasonable 600 is ok.
  8. A Monster is about as intimidating and difficult to handle as one of those Braun hand-held kitchen mixer-things.

    They're also not that expensive (the figure of 11 grand pops into my head for some reason), in absolute terms, at least (for similar money, bikes can be had which make 35hp more at the wheel).0
  9. Rico, not sure what state you're in but if the 620 is legal as a learner bike in your state then grab it is my opinion, or the Hyosung 650L if that's preferred.

    Here in Vic we don't have LAMS yet but prior to 250cc restrictions people were able to purchase whatever they liked for their first bike. If after a period of time you grow out of the 620 you'll get a far better return on it than you would on a 250 (assuming both are in good nck).

    The Monster will also let you grow into it where as a 250 loses the initial interest factor quickly.

    My opinion anyways for hwat it's worth.
  10. Mick, I am in NSW. The restricted 620 is learner legal here but I have a full licence so I can get the unrestricted 620. Its the first bike I will own as before I had a scooter or I borrowed a bike.
  11. Then go with the unrestricted, you can always restrict yourself just by going easy with the right wrist. Weight of the bike will be no difference.
  12. From what ive seen anyone that asks this question is already displaying enough sense to be able to handle such a bike... Go for it i reckon, as has been said chicks love dukes and thats a pretty good reason to buy a bike!

    And as an added bonus its the most comfortable thing youve sat on! You cant lose :wink:
  13. I don't think a 620 Mmmmonster will spit you off. They ain't exactly the most powerful bike out there. Having said that, you can have a sheepload of fun on it riding hard and learning.

    If you in NSW, get it from Reds in Penrith. Or at least get him to look after it.
  14. I was a bit unsure but this feedback is making me think the monster is the way to go. Thanks for all the useful comments. Makes the decision making a lot easier getting some informed opinions.
  15. Does the 620 even make as much power as most 250's?
    It's not exactly the best example of a Ducati and is really just a 400 air cooled twin with bigger slugs.

    Still it is a Ducati and ownership would be much more cred worthty than any 250 other than an Aprilia.
  16. Scooter has a point. The 620 is not a high revving engine, and some of the 'hot' 250's like the 250RR will probably be a more exciting ride in the twisties. The 620 however has a heap more low down grunt (torque), and will be more tractable for distance work or everyday riding.
  17. I guess as long as its not too much to handle (as in not too much more than the VTR 250) I will be happy. It is mainly for weekend drives and city commuting. And obviously something I can learn to ride on.
  18. Okay, now for some comments from someone who actually owns a 620 monster :)

    The restricted monster (i.e. 620 lite) is _not_ suitable for a learner. The throttle restrictor totally stuffs up your control. Also the restrictor doesn't give you enough revs for higher torque in certain sits. (It maxes out at around 3k RPM)

    And the turning circle is fairly wide. Totally fine for normal riding, but the P test would be a struggle.

    I've only managed to free up 3 weekends so far for twistie riding since I got her rideable. So this is still a mid-way ownership report.

    First 1 was fairly cruisy as I was getting used to her. 2nd & 3rd pushing it fine. Keeping up with some 600CBR's in the twisties fine with no issues (and I still wasn't pushing her hard, also those weren't any riders I know, so unsure of their abilities). I haven't managed to scrape the pegs yet, so still got some work to go getting used to her.

    She's got a lot of low speed grunt. 0-80 is about 3 seconds. Up higher (around 120-130 she takes a bit to wind out. I got her up to 180 with no issues).

    Commuting to work, she's perfect. A little bigger than the Spada, but not by much for lane splitting.

    Is she suitable for a total novice? Prob not. For someone who's been riding for a year or so? Definitely.

    BTW, if you want a comparison, I was riding a Spada before. The Monster has easily 2-3 times as much grunt as the Spada (and the Spada and VTR250 are pretty damn close in specs).

    Only way you're going to know she's right for you is to take one out for a test ride :)
  19. I got a GT250R and its turning circle is probably just a bad if not worse. Doesn't matter if you get a 620 or GT250R you're prbably going to need to hire a CB250 to do your P test. Two people in my group had to do it that way as their bikes just wouldn't do the U-turn test and even the instructor couldn't manage it on the 620.

  20. I just done my P test this week and i would have to disagree on the turning issue, my bike is a Honda Vt250c and the wheel base is very long. i done my P on a CB250 but on the dy there was a guy with a Suzuki intruder who complained the P test turning and countersteering was biased as its not possible to do on a bike his size.
    I can get my bike over pretty far and round corners pretty easy now Im used to it. Cant say the 620 would be easier but the 1000cc monster was not an issue to do very tight cornering on when me and My girl took one out for a test run, I was lookinf at the 620 myself but was told I would get bored with it quicker. I will have been riding a 250 for a year so maybe thats why. I was told to look around the 900 or 800 if I was wanting to get the most time out of my bike but i guess it IS all going to be apparent on a test ride.
    Just my 10c worth......maybe its just worth 5c......
    But I have to agree that the chick love a Ducati.....I know cos My chick has one....Im the icle 250 buzz box trying to keep up......its all good, MONSTER.....mooohhhhahahahah