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Ducati Monster 620 Dark LAMs

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dionikon, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. So the time has come for me to part with my beloved baby Monster.

    It's been a great bike for the past 15 months and has never missed a beat. Oil changes have been done every 5,000 km's and the timing belts were changed roughly 3,000 km's ago. I will do an oil/filter change before the bike goes to it's new home.

    2005 Ducati Monster Dark 620 - Monodisco

    Approx 39500 km's (approx)
    Termignoni Exhausts
    CRG Roll-a-click Levers
    CRG Barend Mirrors
    Crash knobs
    Tail tidy (no chop)
    Rego tube
    G2 Throttle Tamer

    All original parts come with the bike. It also comes with it's original owners manuals and spare keys (red key included).

    Price: $8,500 inc RWC

    This pic is with all it's original parts, I'll post some more recent pics with all the bling installed ASAP but this is how it will come (original bits are required for the roadworthy).
  2. this is one nice lookin and very nice sounding bike.. Photo doesnt do it justice Nath.
  3. Hmm... Nice bike there mate but i was under the impression Ducati Monster Dark 620 were not recognised by Vic-roads as LAMS bikes. They are in other states not victoria i'm sure. I know as i was looking to buy one early last year and a quick check with vic-roads changed my mind. Am i missing something??
  4. More pics uploading now Goddie, finally got a chance this afternoon to get the camera out.

    Captain, there were 2 power variants of the 620 Monster, the 620 and the 620 lite (lite being the LAMs model). The Ducati Dark name is more about the option set and the matte black colour, nothing to do with the power.

    So the full name of this particular model is the Ducati Monster Dark Lite Monodisco (you can see why it's shortened to just Monster 620 Dark ;) ).

    This one has "LAM" on the rego label, and is definitely LAMs approved, the way to tell is to look for the throttle restrictor where the throttle cable connects to the throttle body. :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.