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Ducati Monster 600 Dark

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by AcidTrip, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. So after a nice gentleman failed to give way at a roundabout and made my poor Zed explode in a fury of plastic and metal, the insurance company has paid me out for all my gear and the bike. +1 for Swann I have to say.

    So exactly 6 weeks after my crash, I'll be taking possession of a 98 Ducati Monster 600 Dark with 51,000kms. The previous owner invested a LOT of time, effort and money into this bike. He's replaced everything bar the frame with newer bits and carbon fibre stuffs. The new gel seat he fitted was very comfy on the nuts too, unlike the seat on my bro's new 659. Danmoto exhaust isn't as nice as a set of Termi's, but I won't be spending that sort of cash on this bike. Very happy with the DMs! Bar end mirrors, new brembo calipers, rotors and pads, new rear sets, new ohlin shock on the rear, new front fork bushes, a whole heap. The guy bought a Moto Guzzi (background of one of the pics) and no longer needed the Duke!

    As soon as I threw my leg over the bike I knew I wanted it, and when I rode it it was not showing its age at all. Pretty crap turning circle but oh well, I'll survive. She's fun as hell to ride and I definitely look forward to getting back on the road. Been a stressful time without riding! Didn't realise how much you can get absorbed into the rider lifestyle until you have it forcefully taken from you!

    Pics, so it did happen!





  2. Monsters are a good ride. Capable of doing it all, and making you feel comfortable while you are doing t.

  3. Congrats on the purchase. (y)

    Love them Monsters. :)
  4. I like the black, almost looks like a matte black.. is it?

    very nice.
  5. The 2 valve Duke is a great motor,is this your first V-twin ?
  6. Yeah it's the DARK so it's Matte black. I was going to look for a rear seat cowl but because of the custom gel seat I won't bother. It is indeed a 2v V-twin, my first one to own. I've ridden a few twins so I'm used to the harsh engine braking, but the owner did a jet kit in this and it doesn't seem to hit so bad!

    Definitely can't wait to bring it home tomorrow though. Took the day off work specifically for it. I rode literally every day since getting my L's in November, and to not ride for 6 weeks has been slaughter ...

    EDIT: Initially the high k's and year put me off, like the one M400 that was on sale here not long ago. But after someone pointed out, 50,000kms in 14 years is less than 4000k's per year. It has a full service history and the belts were done at 50,000km. Don't think I could ask for a better buy!
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  7. And so it begins,welcome to the land of modifying and blinging,mere mortal riders know not was they miss.
  8. Thanks for the welcome :p I already have a few mods planned, like buggering off those Marzhocci shocks for the m900 adjustables and mounting the second disc and caliper. Thinking of a tail tidy but I don't like the idea of slicing the subframe ... A few other bits and pieces too. Might look at getting the 01 cluster on this baby too to modern it up a bit.
  9. Well done! I had a 2000 600 Monster Dark on my restrictions.

    They are a very simple beast to work on even cam belt changes can be done with ease at home with minimal hand tools. Mine had very nice carbon cans, Geelong Carbon craft tank protector, Carbon belly pan, carbon seat cowl and bar end mirrors oh, I'd also doen the Mnster Tail Chop, very simple and effective mod, hardly detectable that it's not oe and with a little creativity can be returned to standard.
    If you're interested, I can try and dig up some pics.
  10. If you could cazzo, it'd be appreciated! Did you do the chop of the hang down of the fender or completely remove the beer holder on the back? The guy has put a carbon fibre beer holder on so it doesn't look too bad at all! I've also got the carbon fibre belly pan but no bracket, so I'll need to figure something out there to get it on properly ...

    Look forward to seeing your pics if you can find them!
  11. Brought home the new baby today after a few delays with the mechanics, and she sits right behind my bro's 2011 Duke M659. 14 years apart but sure as hell doesn't look it!

    Still trying to figure out how to mount the belly pan. Can't find brackets for it anywhere!
  12. You can fiddle a little with the stops for a better turning circle

    Just cant do much about it being hella slow though

    Looks just like my old one, but I cut its arse off...
  13. congrats on the new toy, damn bugger of a way to upgrade tho isnt it. Smiles all round for you, bring it down for a look see when you can :)
  14. andrewd - Surprisingly this one is a hell of a lot faster than the others I rode! The guy did a pretty shmick job with the stage 1 carb kit and the throttle response shits all over the M400 I rode too. Suffice to say with the super light exhaust and carb kit it wouldn't be LAMS legal anymore. Not the fastest 600 I've ridden but it'll run rings around my old ZZR250 all day everyday! Got any pics of yours for me to check out?

    Goddie - Yeah not the best way, I absolutely loved my Zed. I was looking at buying Aussieak's Kwaka 650L but after riding the Duke I just fell in love. The looks you get riding a loud as hell Duke are well worth the price =P I'll try and make it to practice on Saturday. Meeting at DFO as usual?

    EDIT: Oh and does anyone know how to adjust Ohlin's rear shocks? It's not the stock shocker on there so it doesn't match up with the manual. The owner before me was a big boy, and the preload is set way too stiff ...
  15. Yeah, I used to get heaps of thumbs up and nice bike comments on mine also.

    This is how it sat when I sold it. I was amazed it sold in three days, sight unseen to a guy in Syndney.

    When I got it, it was standard apart from the Ballistic carbon mufflers and tank protector. I added the rest, you can see in this pic how much better the muffler/rear set/pillon peg bracket looks in satin black.
    You'll have to make your own pan brackets, pretty easy to do.


    This after the chop, very easy and effective mod. The beer try is hideous every way you look at it. And the carbon seat cowl.

  16. Yeah I've had a look at the make your own mounts, idea, seems to be just four bars of steel and 4 bolts with washers. Have to see how I go! Definitely like the rear brackets in satin black. Did you spray them yourself? Any tips? And I'm already hunting down a carbon fibre rear cowl as well =P Also, how would it go with roadworthy with the tail tidy? Everyone I know who has one has not been able to pass roadworthy at all.

    Definitely happy with the Duke. As much as I love my Kawasaki's the Ducati is just in a world of its own.
  17. The brackets are easily made in alumunium as it's soft and easy to work, coat of black paint and you're done. You'll also need to make your own brackets for the cowl.
    I run a panel shop, so getting them painted in black is as easy as handing them to the apprentice :D
    An easy solution if you got pinged with the tail tidy, which I doubt you will using the factory indicators. You could always run a peice of stiff black plastic mounted to the number plate bracket as a mud flap or the factory mud flap dummied up :-$

    This where I got mine from, great service and good price.
  18. Annddd now she's in Ducati City getting fixed. When the RWC was done one of the forks needed a new seal, so that was done. Turns out the mechanic didn't leave enough slack in the speedo cable when he tightened everything back up. My speedo died in the ass while filtering on the West Gate this morning. Very strange ...

    I tried pulling the sheath out to change the cable myself, but just couldn't get either end to budge at all. Hopefully I don't get my pants pulled down on the price too much!
  19. Roll up at DJ's for brekky or at 10am down the beach :)
  20. can yo hit them for the speedo as well ?