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Ducati Monster 400

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by H0LESH0T, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Anyone here owned or heard feedback on the Ducati 400M? I know most people are going to say get the 600 as it is also LAMS approved but I can't see myself really requiring a bike bigger than 400cc and the 600's are a few $ more. Are parts easy to obtain and can only Ducati dealers do serving on them or must stores can?

  2. It might be beneficial if you posted this in bike reviews instead.
    Please acquaint yourself with the forum so that you can post in the correct area thank you.
  3. :rofl:

    dont see yourself needing more than 400cc ay
  4. Sorry, I did a search and there was a few LAMS bike questions in this section.
  5. If the 600 are a fair bit more I woud go the 400 and save the money for an upgrade. You may not need more than 400cc, but you will definately want it.
    You wont have to get the bike serviced at Ducati dealers if you dont want, most decent mechanics should be able to do it.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Im only 62kg and work is like 6km away which is a reason why I don't really want anything bigger than a 400cc. If I lived in Brisbane or somewhere close to a race track etc. I might consider a bigger bike to have fun on. Going by Ducati's site there is only 4 dealers and they are 6 hours away from me but most bike stores usually say they can service all brands of bike.
  7. A monster 400 I have not ridden, but I'll tell you it will struggle to match an inline 4 250 in a drag, and it'd be marginally better than a vtr250

    From what I have seen 400m are dearer than the 600s, remember they are all grey import but the 600m were sold new here, I had one, it was balls and my scooter is faster and corners better

    Basically a air-cooled 2v ducati is on par with a jap bike of half it's capacity, and they say harleys are bad...

    Get something else, need no more than 400cc well then. Cb400 is what you need in the naked style, and it'll chop a 400m and can do a u turn on a normal street...
  8. You are making a pretty major false assumption there. The m750 would struggle to match the vtr250.

    Don't touch the m400. It's a lawnmower with a Ducati badge.
  9. Another vote on not getting a 400.

    A friend of mine recently got a 1997 Ducati 600SS, and due to me letting him have a ride on past bike of mine, he generously told me to give it a spin. It cornered well, accelerated nicely, and was an all-round decent bike to ride. Brilliant exhaust note and good seating position, too - the sort of bike you could really have fun on through the twisties, or take away for the weekend. Whatever you want really.

    Anyway, thats my impression. Seeing as there are 600's out there, I would not get a 400. Besides, parts are a lot more readily available for the 600's. Hell, you may decide you do not want a Ducati at all! If you are dead-set on a 400... check out the W400 from Kawasaki. They're an aircooled twin, too, but without the crazy price and maintenance. You can also order a 650 kit for them to upgrade when you want.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. Having owned both, I can tell you that the 750 would destroy the vtr250, and so it should (with 500cm3 additional capacity, you'd expect just that).

    Having said that, the mid range monsters aren't overpowered by any means. If you're just riding around town I'm sure a 400/600 would do just fine. If you want to ride longer distances then you might want to consider something bigger.