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Ducati Monster 1100 goes all 696 on us

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Uglier than a hat full of...
  2. Looks a lot like a chopped-tail Triumph Street Triple 675 or Speed Triple 1050... :-k
  3. Radial Mounted Brembos on a two valve. I've been waiting for this. :grin: More substantial protection between the right inner heel and the exhaust pipe (as well as more surface area to grip the bike). :grin:
    Could be tempted, but then there is the potential of a 1098 Monster....
  4. mmmmonster, jeez ducati make bellisimo bikes! :cool: :cool:
  5. 1098 monster will be a longtime coming.
    no new fourvalve engine for 09 official
    the 1100 should be arriving about january and should also be available in a s variant which is another reson to belive that a 1098 monster is a looong way off.
  6. That colour combined with the red trellis frame looks very trick...
  7. What a crap photo.
  8. Do you get your two dollar coin back when you push it into the return trolly stand at Coles?

  9. im with Vic, shit photo of what could be an awesome bike. i cant see it that well there :?

    i dont care for the scenery, show me the bike!
  10. No pearl white unless you get the 1100S.

  11. I like the design. The exhausts need to go though, they ruin the whole tail section. Maybe it's the photo. I'd vote for a sleek, low slung, single muffler.
  12. As per my comments in the 696 thread... nice(ish). Still think some factors are ugly, and after riding a 696 around for 36 hours... I just don't fit on this iteration of Monster.