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Ducati M659 clutch adjustment?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CaffeineMonster, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Hey,
    Does anyone know how to adjust the friction point for Ducati Monster 659?
    Currently the friction point is all the way out at the end of the lever travel (i.e. furthest away from handle bar). This makes taking off in 1st gear particularly annoying as I am expecting the friction point to be much closer to the handle bars. Therefore am rolling on revs where I expect it to engage, it doesn't so role of throttle then clutch bites and bike bunny hops and chugs away - also caused a couple stalls.
    Clutch system looks different to CB125's from q-ride that they showed us how to adjust. There is a screw on end where cable joins clutch lever housing - would it be a matter on adjusting via the screw?
    The owners manual mentions absolutely zip / nada / zilch about adjusting friction point.
    Advice appreciated.

  2. It's got a hydrolic clutch. Maybe it needs to be rebled? I didn't have a probem with mine on the 696.
  3. I've read that, but is brand new bike and clutch works fine - its just the distance of travel before friction point seems impractical to me (am sure its a personal preference for riders). Stupid if it is not adjustable - and if not stupid of ducati to make friction point at the furthest point of travel for lever (my perspective anyway).

    If adjust the lever travel to make it shorter (i.e. closer to bars) will that also decrease travel distance before friction point? Would rather not do this as total lever travel distance feels about right for my hands.
  4. My friend had the same problem which I fixed from memory by simply adjusting the friction point to be closer thru the dial located near the clutch.
    It was difficult to turn but there were from memory 4 different settings.
    If its stuck or feels like it wont budge just turn it in the opposite direction.
    No tools necessary....
  5. thx Mangrove and Welcome to NR. I was thinking that will be my only option, although I like the total travel distance of the lever - just want friction point closer during that travel. With clutch cable system can adjust friction point separately to lever travel distance. Just pissed off Ducati didn't built an adjustment mechanism into bike.

    Also, wished they'd have included a fuel gauge and gear indicator. I imagine they believe they are purists, but is a LAMS bike so basically will be ridden like noobs like me. Haven't had a problem really getting into right gear at right time - so maybe I'll become a purist with that, but a fuel gauge - how hard is that to fit.
  6. Thanks,

    Yeh that's whty I went for the MT 07...no gear and fuel indicator but with every bike there are pros and cons...at least the sound of your ducati is nice and solid - the Yammy has an absolutely terrible rattle that the dealerships just cant solve. No doubt Yamaha themselves can't rectify it either as it' appears to be a feature of this bikes mechanical configuration/setup.

    Enjoy the Bike....it's one of the better lams bikes I think....
  7. Yeah, the mt07 and street triple were you other choices. Monster sound sold it. Not having much issue with gears and will get used to fuel I guess
  8. CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster your ride is a few hundred KMs old and it's got an iffy clutch adjustment and slapping chain - did the supplying dealer actually prep the bike for you or roll it out of the crate and tell you to get on with it?

    Maybe look at getting another Duke dealer to work on your bike.
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  9. Shoulda gone with the street triple. Gear indicator, Fuel gauge and no rattle. Just kidding the sound of the ducati gives me second thoughts but hoping a new pipe with liven up the striple. Not hating on the yamaha by any means (had my money in hand ready to buy a yammy the day before i went for the stripple) but as expected that amazing price has a few side effects. Yamaha sounds amazing with the Akra pipe on it though. so maybe give that ago? Haven't heard of any of them being rattly though so not sure if they're just milking you for your hard earned cash or its a genuine problem.
    We should all go on a ride, Ducati 659, Mt07, Stripple. Then we can all swap ladida.
  10. Think they all got their good points and drawback. Can only say love riding mine, sure I'd have been happy with others too though. Not sure if chain is issue or not as cant move her at moment to check at its tautest point. Hasn't been slapping or anything - maybe from my noob gumby riding style. Anyway, if you guys around Brissy we can do our own NR comparison and review - would be a good write up
  11. Yeah your 100% correct there. I think which ever you go with, your gonna think hmm maybe the other one was better. Grass is always greener attitude for me i think but I'm happy with what i got. Hmm maybe try some lubricant/chain lube if that aint working perhaps a mechanic? But what do i know, i aint no expert. Shame I'm down in Sydney but will have to make a road trip up to Brisbane somewhen in my two wheeled career.
  12. Ha, I need make trip down to Sydney soon too. Have been toying with idea of riding down in short stints over few days, but want know I'm up to it first.

    Learning to ride and getting bike has become a little all consuming last couple weeks, otherwise would have been down there already. Odd the side paths life can take you on
  13. BTW, come rely happy with bike I choose, just finding a like lots of bikes and would like fill garage with many different types. So many sweet rides out there!
  14. Fcuking auto correct. Ugh. Completely
  15. Yeah i feel you, Life definitely gets in the way. Was riding solo the other day on some twisties and felt so free. That was until i rode back to start work. Yeah road tripping it up in little journeys looks like the way to go. Just trying to purchase some panniers at the moment to make it all a bit easier.
    Yeah im loving my bike too but I'm just as bad. Looking on bike sales every other day at all them shiny rides, then coming back to reality realising i still got another 2 years. I guess it'll make the wait worth it when my time comes.
    Even considering buying myself a 600 or something when i have like 6months left on restrictions just for the fun of it and how cheap some of the nice 600's (cbr600rr, R6) are, sitting at like $6k opposed to our bikes that both retail around $14k :(.
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