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Ducati Hyperstrada 796

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I offered up my Tuono!!! ;)

    I wouldn't think the the new speedy is too far away. Those special editions before a new update are a bit of scam - few extra dollars to buy then quickly outdated and taking a big hit on resell.

  2. Couldn't agree more - I've just recently tested one with a buddy of mine who is upgrading....

    More info/thoughts in the blog if interested.
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  4. Looking forward to seeing one over here, still a fair wait sadly.
  5. Another gushing review (well produced):

    Baffled slip on:

  6. Hadn't come across those two yet, thanks.
  7. These bikes have arrived in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney at least).

    They look great, really, really, really good looking bike. The hyper is a bit fugly with the panniers on but otherwise winner. The standard motard is just sex. Honestly, I think these are one of the best looking bikes on the road (assuming you like this style).

    Build quality looks to be pretty good, about the only thing I could fault was the finish on some of the levers (eg clutch/brake), so no complaints there.

    Sadly it is not the bike for me. Leg room on it is pretty good, seat is the best I've tried but the rider position relative to the handlebars is just too close for someone with long arms. I'm aware that this style of bike will be a bit tight on room in that department but this was too tight.

    So, the hunt continues. The dealer has a '12 Multi on sell out which is tempting or I can save a few more pennies and go one of the '13 version (either way it will be the base model, not the "S")....
  8. How about the new Aprilia Caponord 1200?
  9. Adventure style based upon Dorsoduro 1200. Sounds like a good bike but playing a different game.
  10. Have debated the caponard... In theory, on paper it seems pretty good. Not sure about the looks but hard to call that until you see it.

    The major problem is I have a price barrier of $20k (ride away) and personally I think that's a generous spend for a motorbike (relative to my income)...

    My current thinking is a 2012 multi is a lot of bike for $20k ride away. Thoughts?
  11. I think they are a great thing....

    They are even better at that price.
  12. Surprised that length to the bars being too close would be a problem: that would be super comfortable I thought. Angle them further away from yourself?

    A base 2013 R1200GS with no options ticked (~$21k) is a more capable bike than the MTS1200. You can't use the engine of the MTS1200 properly in Australia.
  13. That's my thinking, should serve me well for a few years....
  14. I've never had it before, it felt really weird, elbows were almost behind me. I had a pretty good think about it, really don't think messing with the bars would have solved it (not without causing other issues anyway).

    I did ponder a base 1200GS but they're just so ugly and not fussed about the "useability" of the multi motor, you can't really "use" a lot of bikes motors on Australian roads...
  15. I used to think the same --- it's a bloody awful looking bike --- until I rode one. Wow!
  16. I've ridden the old air cooled bikes a fair bit (old man has owned a few).

    I liked it, but didn't love it enough to hand over my hard earned.

    That said, if I had the money for multiple bike it's be on the list.
  17. Hey all - I thought, since this thread is (supposedly) about the Hyperstrada, I'd get it back on track by reporting on my test ride yesterday :p

    Ok, so I can sum my ride up with one word: F*&%ING BRILLIANT!!! (Ok, so that's two words - who's counting?!)

    I only got 30 minutes (20km's) but I just did not want to take it back to the dealer - it's just a complete blast!! It goes like absolute stink even in normal mode ("Touring" IIRC) but switch it to Sport and you instantly understand why Ducati have such a great reputation as that gorgeous 821cc is unleashed to it's full extent - and the noise goes from merely brilliant and involving to sublime and testosterone-inducing with one twist of the wrist.

    OK, so I guess you've realised by the hyperbole above that I quite liked it. :)

    (It's also the very first Duc I've ever ridden so I guess many of you already know what I mean!)

    I was riding it around suburban/built up areas but I do have a really nice windy road near me so I took it on that a couple of times which was great - found it really easy to turn in and the confidence the whole set-up gave me (at any speed) was pretty amazing. I also got a few KMs on a bit of freeway but could only really take it up to 120km/h due to other traffic - but the throttle response is just so impressive it was there before I realised.

    The gearbox is just incredibly smooth - the change is so sweet half the time I wondered if it'd changed gear at all. (If I'm being picky a gear indicator would be be nice but I know *real* riders don't need them!). I found pick-up from low speed bl00dy amazing in anything under 5th, still pretty damned good in 5th and average in 6th... but that's obviously not surprising.

    One thing I loved is the riding position - for me, not being that tall (168cm), it feels really good as the bars are quite close, but for a taller rider they might find it a bit cramped. And the whole bike just feels so light to sit on and ride... i like quite narrow bikes (comes from having lots of Jap bikes in the late 80's) and this felt so nimble - guessing that's the motard DNA in it.

    The seat felt far more "motard" to me than "tourer" so I do wonder how it will be to ride on a long haul.... some reviews I've read from O/S did say the seat wasn't that comfy after a couple of hours. If I buy one I'll be getting the lowered suspension and seat anyway as I did find it a bit tall in stock form so I'll have to reserve judgement until then. (Grrrrr, the price you pay for being a short ar$e!!)

    Criticisms? Well, I did find the front-end a bit divey under braking but that could be to do with the utterly epic Brembo anchors on the front.... will need to learn how to use those properly if I buy one (which is looking likely) as I nearly front-ended into slowing cars a couple of times by grabbing more than I needed to! Also, not keen on the tiny mirrors - call me old school but I like a decent sized mirror so I can see what the idiots around me are doing in their steel cages.
    The side stand I found awful - it took me about 4 goes to put it down as it's tucked away and with proper riding boots on I just struggled to get my toe onto it... but that's another minor niggle and I know I'd get used to it.
    The only other thing was I found the rear brake lever way too low for me - I really did have to press down a long way to get anything happening. However, the dealer said that's all adjustable (as you'd expect from a $20K bike) so that can probably be discounted as well.

    Up until yesterday I'd pretty much made my mind up to get a BMW F700GS as I really want a bike I can rely on to go for weekend (or longer) rides in comfort and with all the electronic safety toys but something that's still fun and could do a little mild off-roading if conditions called for it. The F800GS is just too "offroad" for me and also way too tall (again!) - but with the 'strada I can see I could do all of these things (seat comfort notwithstanding) and have absolutely shed-loads of fun at the same time. The beemer is $4k cheaper ($16k rideaway) but I do think the difference in price is worth it for the fun factor I'd envisage getting from this bike.... something the beemer might struggle providing.

    The fact that you get the panniers on the 'strada (which look a bit cheap to me but probably aren't) actually takes about $2K off the difference as full panniers from BMW are around that (I nearly had a heart attack when the BMW dealer told me the price!) so it's not a huge difference I guess.

    Well, I've rambled on long enough - just got to make my mind up whether I'm going to lay out the extra cash and jump on one... but it's looking likely as I do wonder if I'd be riding along on the beemer just thinking "this is nice but just not that much fun".

    Anyone else got one/getting one/test ridden one that would care to comment? Very interested to hear from 'strada owners about how they're finding it before I slap down my hard-earned!
  18. I was talking to the dealer at Duc city the other day.....

    Apparently the Strada and the base Hyper share the same suspension......I find this odd considering the Strada is "designed" for longer rides and luggage.....

    The SP gets better front-end and rear-end equipment as expected.....but to have a Touring "strada" with non-adjustable front forks and the same rear shock as the base model makes me wonder.
  19. That's the market we live in. They are effectively making two bikes from one. Both softening up the hyper and probably not allowing enough adjustment for the strada
  20. Bummer