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Ducati Hyperstrada 796

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. You don't need to, get this instead.
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  2. If that is the Dorso 750, it is 10kg heavier and 15hp less.
  3. But sexier and not a Duc, I posted the factory version 63.7 kw 196kg - power to weight is as near as makes no diff the same as the Duc.
  4. I still want the Duc though, bike of Milan 2012 for me.
  5. Agree, I've flirted with the idea myself.
  6. Is the pic you posted the Hypermotard?
  7. Chick the link deadsy, theyve made a "hyperstrada" as well as A Diavel Strada.
  8. Hmmm... a 'touring' version of the Hypermotard. But no mention of a tank larger than the absurdly small original?
  9. For me, Harleys and Ducatis have the same effect.
  10. Have you actually ridden either?
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  11. No, are they any good? :LOL:
  12. If you have to ask....
    There are many here who rave about the power delivery of V-Twins, they are something else. You'll go a long way to find a better bike than a Duc Panigale.
    American tractors however are not my thing. But I have ridden a few.
  13. What kind of price are we talking for the new hypermotard?
  14. The s1000rr has beaten the panigale in just about every comparison. Don't take my word for it, in fact I'd encourage you to check for yourself on youtube.

    Secondly, contrary to Ducati's claims about the panigale's power output (195hp), the actual figure is nowhere near that. In one comparison, they rated the s1000rr @ 177hp at the wheel (in comparison to the claimed 193hp), while the panigale was dynoed @ 155hp. Now I wonder where is all that claimed output going?? Talk about exaggeration.

    Ducatis are highly overrated, regardless of what their fans say.
  15. Ride one first then comment. I prefer the BMW SS to the Panigale but my point was you were dismissing out of hand based on third party reviews and not your actual first hand experience. As you admit in an earlier post you haven't ridden either. Keyboard warrior.
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  16. dissapointing that its that heavy and doesnt have more hp's though.
  17. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1352927611.918055.
    The most important feature would be light weight and extremely agile, here is Italy's best the Bimota DB 10
  18. FX - do you want to list the price for this handmade version of a hypertard...
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  19. Hi Standrewscross, handmade to your exact specifications in a full carbon signature series, magnesium alloy wheels and completely hand crafted and built, flown in from Rimini Italy to your door for 35 plus on roads, fully optioned. Also we need your height and weight details to build it, so it can fit you like a glove ofcourse.

    Also six weeks built time, there is no off the shelf size complete custom, weight is now 10kgs lighter even with 50mm top of the line forks, and STM slipper ceramic clutch and upgraded, K&N tuned pipes and billet levers.
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