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Ducati Hypermotard

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Super Dooper, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Well I was on the ninja on the weekend fanging it along the Bolte Bridge when a chap on a Ducati merged onto the freeway. I hadn't seen one of these machines before in the flesh and it was absolutely beautiful. Hypermotard 1100 was her name.

    Not a full street bike and not a dirt bike these new breeds are becoming more and more popular in our suburban streets. They have the looks and the power without the limb numbing riding position that sport bikes have.

    Am seriously thinking about one of these babies. Has anyone had any experience with them or ridden one before?

  2. they sound like the ducks guts.

    Reckon they are a VG urban assault bike.

    Damn - now I need more than one bike!
  3. i want one to be a garage buddy to my 848
    time to save up again
  4. Hey I like that term garage buddy... All bikes should have a garage buddy I think.
  5. If it wasn't for teh teaspoon tank with the thirsty Agro V Twin, I would give up my sports bike fetish for one of these...

    There is something about a 1100cc VTwin squeezed into a mountain bike frame that just does it for me... i am not sure why [​IMG]
  6. HM's are a great second bike. They are huge fun, but there is no way you'd want one as your only bike.

    Riding position is insane, brakes are unreal and fun is max'd out. And I worked all that out from a 30km test ride!
  7. That's what I was hoping to hear :grin: Why wouldn't you just have this as your only bike?
  8. 12l fuel tank? Seat that isn't great for long distance (see point 1). No wind protection. At all. Seating position that places you over the bars...

    Seriously, if you don't do huge distances you'd have a ball. But if you like doing long trips it probably isn't the bike for you. When I did Turismo in November there were a few HM's there. Everyone seemed to have fun, though they stopped for fuel all the time. Except one. He ran out. And another guy who filled up with diesel!
  9. I went and had a close look at one last week. Dealer tells me it will do more k's to a tank (200 to reserve) than a 1098. Was he telling porky's? I ask in all seriousness.

    All good points, but love is blind.
  10. Not sure about Porkies, but I know of people who get less than that. It's all how you ride! 200 to reserve I would think was unlikely. Mid 100's would be easy though (my Tuono varies from 13km/l to 16km/l).

    It's a hell of a bike. I'd have one tomorrow if I could keep the Tuono. Simply superb and the brakes are like nothing I've ever used before (the S uses the monobloc calipers).

    Handling is superb (from my little ride) and I was regularly overtaken on Turismo by the guys on the HM's.

    Styling wise, it's the mutts nuts.
  11. I want one. Badly. i only get ~230km from 13.5L at the moment so that wouldn't worry me, and you can always by a gel seat or Corbin or something.

    So much want. So little money. *sigh*
  12. I found it very comfortable to be honest, definetely more so than a sport bike. I'd certainly prefer to take it on a long ride than a sport bike. Don't discount it on the track either, with a good rider you'd be pretty hard pressed to beat it. You ride it differently (kinda like a trail bike).
    Don't worry about the wind, it's really only an issue above 120km/h, and you can't go any faster usually ....

    I would definetely have one as my only bike, no problem. Except one ... that pissy little tank - that's why I don't have one.
  13. ... just wish they would change its name.
  14. The other option is to keep your sportsbike and pick up one of the Jap 400 or 600 type motards or a KTM of some description. They can be had a lot cheaper than the Ducati and in some ways probably offer even more of the same alternative...

  15. ... :grin:

    Good call.
  16. I've got a good photo somewhere of myself, my mate and some random bloke, mid corner on a KTM tard, aprilia tard, and ducati quasi-tard respectively at an RR trackday. They're very different bikes though, but still all better than sports bikes. :p
  17. You could, fair enough.
    It's not the same though, is it? It's almost a work of art .... (subjective :wink: )
  18. Well don't tease us, post it up
  19. Your right its not the same - my point exactly - it isnt a Motard and I'd challenge anyone to say its more fun than a Motard after comparing it back to back.

    It has all the minus of a Motard;
    Small Tank
    Seat like a fence paling, etc.

    But next to none of the Motard plus'.

    Like you say though, it is subjective.

    A part from looks I cant see it being very different to a Multistrada - oh except for the price tag.

    [Edit] -
  20. I understand that the 2-valve aircooled FI dual spark donk of the Hypermotord is pretty frugal when it’s just ridden along with the traffic averaging 200-220kms per tank, which is 80% of the time really. That other 20% (on road) will only get about 120kms, leaving track work anyones guess.

    All things considered the KTM 950SM is the better option, but the badge isn’t much chop with the outside world & resale might not be as good.

    Great thing about these types of bikes – big motards/supermotos – is that long time sitting on big numbers on the dials can be uncomfortable, but are actually good at legal speeds & they can be real interesting for a long time. It’s getting real hard to keep those points of your license with a lot of sportsbikes around nowadays.

    There is a big Aprilia supermoto coming with the Sliver 750cc engine in it too.

    For me personally I might try the ‘less is more’ option, with some new bikes coming out soon.