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Ducati Hypermotard = SeKS!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Wish I could say I rode it, but I just saw it in the flesh instead of in photos... and it immediately jumped to the top of my 'if I win Lotto' list.


  3. I love these bikes

    I seriously think this will be my next bike. Was just wondering though what the riding style would be like, I've seen a lot of footage of motard riding around tracks, would it take much of a transition from riding sports bikes all this time?

    Am thinking it would be like the old bmx days :grin:
  4. It looked fantastic at the bike show, but then I noted it also had $8K worth of add on's, taking the onroad to somewhere in the 20K's. That's a lot of dosh.

    "if I win the lottery" list only for me for a while anyway....
  5. you can ride them just like a road bike mate and they are as much a naked bike as a tard anyway
  6. clearly you have good taste

    fortunately, for me, I have one( theS)
    this bike is the (almost) the most fun bike I've had ( No1 was an Aprilia SXV 550- when the thing was going).
    Yes they are expensive but you get all the gear ( the S has forged wheels, Brembo Monoblocs, Ohlins shock, lots of CF bling.
    Great engine, awesome handling, good looks, reliable, fairly low maintenance. Only downside: you wont be happy with it stock!
    I've had 6 bikes in the last year- this is the keeper.
    Oh, secondhand ones are taking a pounding, so keep an eye out.
  7. Re: clearly you have good taste

    geeze what other bikes have you had??

    edit: although i cant really talk - ive had 3 in the past 12ish months.
  8. hang on , I cant count!

    5 not 6
    Sachs Madass 125
    2000 Husky SM610
    2007 Husky SM610
    2006 Aprilia SXV 550
    2008 Ducati HM 1100S

    next one ?????
  9. I'm still tempted, even though I know it won't do anything better than my KTM.
    It just looks more gorgeous. :roll:

    jpg, what's the retail $ on an S?
  10. Is't the KTM now below $15,000?

    Pretty awesome package at that price, and hard to justify the extra cost of the Ducati or BMW.
  11. Re: hang on , I cant count!

    hummmm i see a theme here!
  12. re rrp

    as we all know , you cant seem to get deals on Ducatis.
    An S on road is ~23.5K. At the moment you also get $3000 worth of stuff ( jacket, Arai helmet and bike cover).
    These things take a hit in the secondhand market , so I'd look there first but usually not many for sale- because they rock and people keep them!
    I agree the KTM is probably a better bike but it's butt ugly ( IMHO) and its not a ducati. I love the simplicity of the aircooled motor and the minimalist styling.
    just my 2c
  13. the 690SMC (the proper motard not the SM or SMR) are out now and i sat on one recently.

    not a bad bit of kit if you are looking for a road & track bike...plus quite a bit cheaper that the ducatisti