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Ducati Hypermotard quick test NOW more info and pictures

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Ok I have been waiting to ride one of these for a while now. The first two that came into the shop went to the other mechanics and sales staff.
    Well I have just come back from riding the new demo bike.


    Ok nitty gritty,
    It is quite high in the saddle (845mm) so shorter people need not apply.
    Very compact, when you sit on it you are looking over the front wheel.
    Has a really nice exhaust note for a standard system
    very light throttle and is very responsive.
    Once rolling you feel as though you are sitting quite high up.which you are pretty much on top of the bike.
    bars give you great leverage and the bike turns in sweetly, brakes are fantastic even with zero km on the bike, as they should be as taken from S4R monster and 1098.
    Lots of torque in the 1100. Yet still revs nice and fast.
    Power on monos in second gear are dead easy, just twitch the throttle and up it comes, yet feels different to other bikes. Because you sit in the middle above the rear cylinder it feels as though the whole bike is coming up underneath you. Rather than pivoting off the rear wheel.
    Mirrors in the standard position work well, good views all around, but, not good for lane filtering, makes the bike very very wide.

    I have mentioned I LIKE IT>

    Would I buy one, probably not. The fuel range goes against what I need from a bike. The tank is only 12.5 l big and some of the rides I do I need more than that.

    That being said I really like this bike, it screams hooligan like almost nothing else I have ridden.

    Scumbag out.
  2. Pfft, call that a review?? :p :p :p

    Now all I need to do is work out how to convince you to buy one.... :)

    As for fuel range, just think, an hour between macchiato stops!
  3. Yes and how much will said Mexican Macchiato cost? :p
  4. I am sure he won't tell us!
  5. OK I have had a longer ride on the Hypermotard including some two up work (tks to Brij for that). So I can now add to my write up.
    First things first. The riding position is pure dirt bike style, very forward on the bike, you are looking at the front guard when you sit on it. It is very comfortable and easy to ride in that position.
    The motor is fantastic, so it only has 95 horsepower but the torque it pumps out makes up for it. The thing is great. easily used all the time. Revs out nice and does not run out of breath all the way to red line.
    The suspension is very good at soaking the bumps up yet is stiff enough to enable the bike to be ridden aggressively. The brakes are fantastic, fabulous power and great modulation. The mirrors once folded out are very good at letting you see the red and blue flashing lights behind you (which you will see riding this bike.) though they do make the bike extremely wide.
    The dash is very readable in all conditions and the flashing change light is cool as well.
    Right now I have got that out of the way.
    Damn this is a good bike. Extremely stable even when hard on the brakes or hard on the gas. It will mono in third gear if you clutch it up. Second gear you just snap it and up it comes. First is just rolling it on and the front wheel is not on the ground. It feels like riding a large mountain bike that you do not have to pedal. I have a feeling that this is the type of bike I would definitely lose my license on and never get it back. It screams hooligan in a vast array of languages. It is confidence inspiring, which is one of its problems. It encourages you to go faster and ride sillier than you do normally, now for some people this is ok, but others will be without the bike very quickly as the hoon laws will take it away from you.
    It responds on the sniff of the throttle in lower gears like a bike with way more horsepower, always eager to tip into the next corner.
    Now the bad bits.
    Fuel range is woeful. I put 130km on it and the light was on. I put 10.5 litres in it.
    At Freeway speed it feels like you are just about to be blown off the back. There is no weather protection at all.

    Would I buy this bike. If I only commuted and did nothing else then yes I could live with it. It is so much fun in and around town.
    But it does not do everything I need out of a bike. I need more fuel range, the ability to carry luggage and have some weather protection when I am touring.
    This is a pity I really like this bike, it makes me giggle uncontrollably and laugh whenever I get on it.

    So unfortunately this is one bike that will not end up in my garage.
    I will add a couple of photos from Friday night when I receive them.



  6. I've thought for a while that a hypermotard would be an awesome second bike, if I'm ever in that financial position. I'm always gonna wants a sportbike/sport-tourer for the things they do well and the option of a longer trip, but a second bike needs to be as different as possible from the first and offer lots of different options, and adding the 'tard to the stable does that.
  7. If the fiscal opportunity ever presented itself then I would definitely have one
  8. I have added the piccies from Friday night, thanks to Yammy chick for these
  9. Brij looks to be sitting very close... :p
  10. And scumbag would be complaining why???
  11. No probs Scummy :grin: I'm suprised my phone takes such clear pics!