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Ducati Hypermotard 821

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bsaac, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Has anyone here ridden the new Hypermotard 821?

    I’m off my restrictions in under a month and currently ride a Husky TE 450 that I have motarded which has been a bunch of fun.

    I understand that the Hyper isn’t really a motard but I’m keen to retain the upright sitting position (bad back) from the TE while also moving to a bigger bike.

    I’m in the process of organising a test ride once my restrictions finally expire but any first hand experiences would be appreciated.
  2. Feel ya pain mate. I enjoy the upright ride myself due to many aches and pains. I had the air cooled Hyper a few years back. Have you ridden the 1078cc Hyper?

    I haven't found any really good reviews yet myself on the 821 Hyper. Cable clutch and non adjustable forks seems cheap and 'market pitched' for a modern Duc'.

    Go ride both. Also have you contemplated another thumper? The latest KTM 690 Duke is getting good reviews.
  3. Hi Mark

    I haven't ridden the 1100 either (still on restrictions) but I much prefer the looks if the new models

    I'd go the SP if I had the spare cash but the standard 821 is right on my budget

    I am a bit concerned about the non adjustable forks but figure I can get them set up to my weight by some suspension guys if needs be

    I've looked at the KTMs but I figure they aren't a massive performance jump from my husky for the price paid
  4. The air cooled 1078cc Hyper is not that dated imo. And it's good value! Does the dry clutch turn you off?

    The 821 Hyper is built to 'a' budget, possibly yours, hence the lack of goodies that the original 1100 came out standard with. Non adjustable Marshocking front end maybe OK if you're a lightweight and don't ride too hard.

    Going from a 450 single with 40HP to a twin with 100+HP will be a performance jump.

    If you enjoy torque and a light bike, don't discount the KTM 690 for the next step. 70HP, WP suspenders and around 150kg.

    Or maybe you just crave twin. ;)
  5. Hi bsaac. In see the last post is a couple of years old. I just joined netrider and ride a 2014 HM 821 SP. I have a DRZ400S as well for trail riding. I turned the DRZ into a motard, did a few mods to increase HP. I like the upright riding position as well. I started looking around for a road bike, motard style, not many options. For me it came down to the Ducati HM 821 SP and KTM 690 Duke R. I test rode both and went for the HM SP. It's a bit pricey but you get fully adjustable suspension, outstanding brakes, heaps of HP (for me anyway) and lots of other nice bits and features. Handling wise, everything you read about the handling is correct, it's fantastic through the corners. The motor is sweet. On the Ducati forums some people have had issues with the fueling. I haven't had any issue so far. I don't use Race Mode, Ride by Wire is too sensitive for street riding.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you have it you're still considering HM821SP.
  6. Hey chevychevy , Nice to see another hypermotard rider on here. I have had mine for a few months now and love it as well.
    Great power and handles really nicely. i'd recomend it to anyone looking for this sort of bike.
    I have a drz400 for off road riding as well, we have good taste in bikes haha.
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  7. Hi guys

    I ended up getting an SF848, I still love the hyper but I didn't really like the standard versions suspension and couldn't stretch for the SP

    If I win powerball on Thursday I'll be buying an SP on Friday..
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  8. We definitely have good taste. =D

    Have you added any extra's? I've added these protection bits, Evotech radiator guard, front and rear wheel and frame sliders. I'm also thinking about the Evotech engine guard and frame plugs. What do you think about getting a windscreen for your HM?
  9. I bought mine as a barely used Hyperstrada ex demo that had heaps of work done by the dealer.
    They upgraded the front forks to marzocchi's with andreani cartridges. They installed all the ducati carbon bits; rear hugger, engine covers, and the small carbon windscreen.
    It had a full Termignoni race system as well but i replaced that recently with just the termignoni slip on. I wanted to use the luggage but couldnt with the high mount exhaust on.
    I added the evotech rad guard as well myself. Thats about it.
    The small windscreen is ok, its more for looks i guess. the full hyperstrada screen works much better ive found but obviously doesnt look as good.
    Ive just started looking at gear indicators as well.

    Here is mine, only difference now is the low mount exhaust.
    Where are you located?
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  10. Wow, fantastic looking Hyper. You did well to get it tricked up already. Thanks for the info on the windscreen. I'm going to get a new pipe as well when $'s become available. I'm going to keep it in the low position because I like the can to be further away from my ears.

    I'm located in QLD, 50 Km north of Brisbane. Here's my HM.

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  11. Congrats on getting the SF848. I've only ever ridden the HM, what's the SF like?
  12. Nice, i really like the white and red of the SP. How do you find the frame sliders? Are they near your knees or shins?
  13. I wasn't sure about installing the frame sliders when I saw how big they were and how far out they stuck. I looked at them for awhile before I finally installed them. I was concerned about them interfering with my legs but I can report I have no issues at all. My knees or shins are not close enough to cause any issues. The slight adjustment I have had to make is I normally put my left leg forward as I come to a stop. I don't do this anymore.