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Ducati Hyperminitard 796

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MONKEYMAN, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. YUM! :twisted:
  2. The article reads like a marketing/styling exercise to me....

    Same engine as the 696 monster, yet they call it a 796.....
  3. Or it could be the 800 they made a few years ago.

    They already punched the 600 out to 620 then the "696" version, so I wonder if there's enough left to go that much bigger when they've already made an 800.

    Or it might just end up being a 696.
  4. Motor aside, it does nothing much for me - especially if tyhey're going to scrimp on the running gear to fit a budget.

    Pity they couldn't get a decent sized tank in the 1100...
  5. Er.... Are they meant to sell at a loss? Or price a 696cc+ Bike at Jap 1000's?
  6. It would surely need to be a fair handler given the bike that it is.

    Less weight and power means less work for the brakes and suspension for a start.

    It might also turn out to be a better bike for the money than the bigger ones as a result.

    Looking at the relative price of the 620 Multistrada against it's bigger sibling might give an indication.
  7. Oh man. Oh man oh man. Very nice.
  8. I am unsure about this 'econo' version of the Hypermotard. The current 1100 dual spark donk is a sweet engine, and provides just the right amount of oomph to the Hypermotard. A fruity bottom end and real strong midrange make it the great highlight on a surprisingly excellent bike. I think the 696 engine (while nice for a LAMS bike) will somewhat lessen the excitement of a bike that is built to be an utter hooligan on.

    Just my thought, but I do like the powahhh.
  9. The 696 monster isn't Lams.....regardless of output it is over the automatic 660cc lams cutoff.

    I don't see how this "hyperminitard" could be much better than the 696 monster......it can't be much lighter, the monster is already very light, it uses the same engine (according to the article at the same capacity) the output of the 696 is pretty high for an aircooled 2v I can't see them getting much more out of it. It doesn't even appear to have any more ground clearance than the monster.....So it would really be about style and a different feel.
  10. Plenty of people have big fun on single-cylinder Motards, so something with a smoother motor and more grunt would have to offer fun in a similar way, but with more comfort, smoothness and better cruising/top speed.

    They look great too. I'll bet it feels a lot different to ride than a Monster.
  11. All fair points :)
  12. 696 has been the biggest selling bike ever for Ducati...basically because it made a new Ducati both affordable and user friendly for pretty much any rider...i suspect the company is quite pleased with it's venture into this market/ price range and they've probably invested heaps in infrastructure to keep pumping out little monsters for the masses...so it would make good sense to produce other variants of the 696 and a lightweight tard with that donk ( oh oh and that sound haha ) for the same price as a 696 monster would sell faster than you could build them....i hope that's their plan anyway...i hope they price them under ktm and aprilia tards...oh god i hope this happens please god
  13. Apparently it's a "new" 800 motor. Excellent!

  14. omgomgomg...

    US release date Dec- $9,995 usd
    single-sided swingarm and integrated brush guards/mirrors/indicators same as maxi tard.
    167 dry/ 81bhp, about 60kw,56lb/ft torque.
    slipper clutch.
    825mm seat.
    ...ok i need to run a cold shower now

  15. So it's 6kg heavier (167kg vs 161kg), has .8kw more power (59.6kw vs 58.8kw) and 5lb-ft more torque (55.7lb-ft vs 50.6lb-ft) compared to the monster 696 (according to ducati's website)...........
  16. Hmm you lost me at that bit.
    Those bloody mirrors and indicators are the real letdown on the hypermotard.
    Yeah they look cool, but they are so bloody wide