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Ducati GT1000. Love this bike but am I paying for the name ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Saw this recently at the new Melbourne store in Elizabeth street and it was love at first sight, however I was blown away to learn the price ($18k plus ORC)
    I've never owned an Italian bike and I knew they would (and possibly should) be more than a Jap equivilent BUT am I just paying for the name ?

    18k seems excessive to me considsering the Triumph Thruxton is 5k cheaper and seems reasonably similar. (ie, similar engine size / specs / quality etc,.)

    Then to confuse things even further, I saw a Harley Sportster at the Expo that seemed well priced at 16k.

    I love these retro looking bikes and like the fact that they're as technologically advanced as anything else on the road.

    Are servicing costs excessive too ? Any owners of these bikes out ther ? I'd love to hear your opinions. Cheers.
  2. I quickly cosidered one of these before I bought my hornet 9..............................I couldn't justify the price for a bike I would've piled on the K's as a commuter.

    But a seriously beautiful piece of art!!!!!

  3. Yes, you are paying for the name. Same with the Harley. The difference is, the Ducati you also get a real bike as well as the name :grin:
  4. Course you are. And if you really want the bike, you won't care :grin: :p .
  5. *thinks of the italian bike in the shed*

    *thinks of the cost*

    Oh yeah... I care... didn't stop me, but I care believe me :p

    You don't think I'd have 2 if they cost less?!?!
  6. I don't own, and probably will never be able to afford, a Ducati, but I believe your motorcycling education needs an major upgrade if you can compare a Ducati classic 1000 with a Triumph Thruxton. Yes they both have two cylinders. That's where it stops.

    And as far as the cost is concerned, what about bragging rights???

    Go on, buy the Duc, you know you want to.....
  7. Re: Ducati GT1000. Love this bike but am I paying for the na

    Go ride the bike. If you like it, get it. Ride it before you try to judge the price.

    Yes, the thruxton and sportster are similarish, but dukes are different to ride, and trumpys are different to ride (yummy triples)
  8. I believe any enthusiast should try and own at least one piece of art(no matter what it is you truly love) in their lives.
    Even if it's got dodgey paint and needs work, the experience is the character of the machine.
    What am I saying? If new isn;t in your price range, get a second hand one and enjoy! Remember, a new bike will be old eventually.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Re: Ducati GT1000. Love this bike but am I paying for the na


    You have read the T&Cs as they are known?

    Posts must be factually correct?


    Trevor G

    PS Go for it. It will cost heaps to service. But if you enjoy riding it, who cares whether it's to and from work, to and from the Caf or pub, or to and from the workshop. A bike like this makes you feel good just looking at it.
  10. If the bike was a woman, wouldn't any price still make the experience worthwhile?
  11. Yeah, ride it first then judge for yourself.
    I think it looks great and is probably a really good pillion bike as well.
    With financing these days its easier to afford those 20k bikes.
    The good thing about the GT1000 is that if you keep it cleanish, it will always look great, its got that timeless look that will never go out of style.
    You only live once, don't buy something you don't love.
  12. They look nice, but every road tester says it's the most uncomfortable thing they've ever ridden. So make sure you get a good long test ride. Once that's sorted out, if you still want it, buy it. Plenty of happy Ducati owners out there, even if they're mainly pooves... ;)
  13. Ducati have halved the servicing cost of all of their '07 model bikes by stretching the service interval to 12,000km and refining the layout of the components to reduce the time taken to perform the maintenance.

    I love my little Duc, it puts a smile on my face every time I see it, let alone ride it. I am sure that there are 'better' bikes out there but there's nothing else that would make me as happy as the Duc does.

    According to my mechanic the 2V air cooled Ducatis are cheap and easy to maintain, it's the Testerettas that really test your wallet. The Ducati's use great quality components on everything they make, even my bottom of the range Monster has braided brake lines front and back, Brembo brakes and USD forks. Only you can judge the worth of a bike to you, but I believe that the Ducati is pretty good value.

    Regarding comfort, I've heard that the Sport Classics can be tiring, but the GT is a lot more upright with higher bars.