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Ducati "Free Care" Service Program

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. No idea how this got me but if you are in the market for a pasta burner in the next month you might want to have a read....

    Click Me

    Ducati road side assistance was news to me as well.
  2. maybe its your subconsious telling you something :p :D :p
  3. "Thank christ they have so many maintanence focused 'extras' so you don't have to keep stuffing the pasta back in using your own coin."

    Something like that?
  4. Its oh so tempting.... :wink:
  5. G

    You know you want to..... Just do it :D
  6. Seems I've got a couple of bites......just can't reel them in. :LOL:
  7. Beware.

    mate of mine got the extended warranty on a bike. May as well have wiped his arse on it.
  8. The only problem is that if you do more than 10 000 km in the tow years you have to pay for the stuff yourself.
    I think I have done 10k in about 4 months.

  9. he who doesn't need much encouragement :p - not that I can talk :roll:

  10. That's what I was thinking.
    2 years unlimited K's would be sweet as.
  11. Wow tempting...that's a saving of several billion dollars :p
  12. Oh the pain, the pain, is that what happens when laugh so hard, oh no wait it is just gas.:):):)
  13. Oh the pain, the pain, is that what happens when you laugh so hard, oh no wait it is just gas.:):):)
  14. Not quite several billion, but definitely several hundred!

    Just make sure you buy it from a good dealer like DUCATI Brisbane and not a bad dealer like Brisbane motorcycles.

    Oh, and if you can't do the 10,000 in 2 years, you should have gone with the cardboard cut-out or plastic model :eek:
  15. I still haven't managed to get any more details about that apart from the notice on the website. According to Ducati dealers, it's still coming soon.
  16. Hey Matt232

    Actually, Honda started this service... They have had it for years...... I thought you were a platinum member????
  17. That I'm am...which reminds me I need to renew it.......but didn't realise that Ducati had one as well...sounds like they don't quite have it yet though.
  18. BTW, Honda doesn't really own the service as such. As in Honda Riders Assistance.

    They buy in bulk from SOS International, sell it to Honda Riders at what I would guess is a loss as an advertisting and brand loyalty scheme.
  19. Just checked with my ducati dealer yesterday, the Ducati Riders Assistance program still isn't up and running. He's got no idea when (since it was announced in April, and still isn't there)